Botox in Glasgow!

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Has anyone had Botox in a Glasgow (or Lanarkshire) Clinic? If so can you recommend or tell me about your experiences?

(Yes .... thinking about it...)

many thanks..


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    Have been to Visage clinic in Glasgow city centre for dental treatment and they offer Botox, Restalyne etc although I haven't been brave enough to go for that. It is a high end place and very professional. Google search them.
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    Many thanks for this... may pop in over the weekend..
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    I've seen it advertised in posters at my dentist (Partick Dental Practice) so I know that they do it.

    Haven't tried it myself though!
  • "
    I've seen it advertised in posters at my dentist (Partick Dental Practice) 

    Hi thanks for this. I have heard of the dentists but did not know they carried out this procedure
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    I had a couple of sessions at Skn in Gordon Street a couple of years back - treatments were done by a Dr McFarlane (I think) - lovely old retired gp. No problem and it was pretty painless but I was a bit disappointed in the results given the price - I seem to remember it was running around the £300 mark for crows feet and under my eyes.
    What finally stopped me(as well as the cost) was getting a spectacular black eye (this can sometimes happen, apparently I was lucky before) which I had to go to great lengths to cover and tell dreadful fibs so no one knew the truth. I decided to take a break after that and haven't been back since. Tbh though if I could find it more reasonably priced I'd go for it again.
  • Hi there, I go to Dr Carole McAlister in Woodlands. She charges £250 for 3 areas and I couldn't praise her enough. Her clinic is Dermalis in Barrington Dr
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    cloud nine in partick
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  • I have been to dr Mcallister for Botox on my crows feet and despite getting a top up after two weeks found it only last a month. Definitely not going back.
  • I recently had botox carried out in a Glasgow city centre dental practice and was very pleased with the price and results. I had never been before but had previously had botox. I was recommended by a friend. I phoned for an appointment and and was booked in for a couple of days later. I got 3 areas done and was charged £200. previously I had paid £350. the dentist was lovely and took her time to talk to me and find out what I was unhappy with etc. she also offered me a free top if I needed it with the remains if the botox which I did not. I am very pleased and will be returning again. that was 3months ago and it's still working. the dental practice was peppermint studios on bath street. hope this helps people.
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    I know a place which I would highly recommend, but it's in Dundee. Let me know if you would like details. Prices are a bit cheaper than what's been quoted here.

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