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'New Scrabble Rules Must Be a Joke - Is it a late April Fool?' blog discussion

This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.
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  • Little_VicsLittle_Vics Forumite
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    I am very grouchy that they've brought this new rule in! I play a lot of games on facebook with international chums - how am I to know who is riding high in the NZ charts?!

    I will continue to play the pure game. grr.
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    luxor4tluxor4t Forumite
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    Another 'old style' scrabble player here - what's the point of the 'lowest common denominator' approach to the game?
    ...surely the best players are those with the best vocabulary rather than the best knowledge of so-called 'celebrities'!
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  • Eric_PischEric_Pisch Forumite
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    nothing to stop anyone playing old school rules
  • billieboy_2billieboy_2 Forumite
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    Yep, I will continue playing the old way. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  • niko-sanniko-san Forumite
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    I have made a Facebook group protesting these new rule changes - please join and invite your friends!

    (i can't post proper links, someone else is more than welcome to)
  • roizenroizen Forumite
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    I suppose the big question now is whether or not Xo Ju Zy of China will be in the Official Scrabble Players' Celebrity Guide? Alfred Butts, the inventor of Scrabble, and his innovative game did not deserve this level of indignity.

    Some of you might find the discussion of Scrabble's woes and the game called "WildWords" of interest. It does not share the problems.

    Search for WildWords Crossword Game.

    Hope you will take a look.

  • GunderfulGunderful Forumite
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    Here's another great example of dumbing down, first exams, now this. Whilst this is a game, its a good source of vocabulary learning for children (and adults alike!).

    I remember playing this game as a youngster and not having to have special rules to make it more inclusive for me! Shocker in my view with one eye on profits.
    Gunderful a.k.a JudgeJules8165
  • skapsskaps Forumite
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    This is ridiculous. Im still going to play with the old rules.
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  • DarkConvictDarkConvict Forumite
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    I rarely play Scrabble, but i agree i dislike the rule. There is no allowed list of names, so as in the blog, any random word can be used. You can no longer use a dictionary to challenge the word.
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  • As a keen scrabbler (yes, that is a word), I am not happy about this, and am planning on writing a letter of complaint.
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