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Hi, thanks for reading this, my first post! I only hope I can get some help, and if possible others can learn from the advice I get...I'm including the specifications but I have no idea what these numbers mean!...here goes.

I have an old Dell desktop (2.40 Celeron Processor/40gb hd/V.92 fax modem/256 MB) that was working fine until quite recently when I put a lot of music on it and it started running too slowly. I presume that because it's got really small memory or processing speed?
I also am using a Pro800 Lightweight Notebook (1gb ram/60gb hd) but the fan (I think?) in the side of it has started making lots of noise and it heats up quite a lot after an hour or so.

Right, my questions are:
Can I easily 'upgrade' my desktop by putting some more bits in (I've seen someone do this!) If so, where can I get it, what do I ask for, and about how much would it cost?
Can I fix the fan on the laptop and is it worth it?

I would ideally like someone to say 'it's not worth it, get rid of them both and buy a new laptop' but I don't want to chuck something away if it's still got some life in it. (In true Moneysaving style!)

Any advice welcome! And thanks again.

Oh, and PS, If your advice is to get rid, can I get all my music on Itunes from my desktop AND my essays from my laptop. I've heard it might be a 'removable harddrive', would that work for both? It would need to be easy, as you might have guessed. :)


  • It will cost you something like £20 to upgrade the RAM (which is what is needed for the PC). It's very easy to fit and the improvement in performance will be noticed immediately.

    Use CPU-Z in order to determine what is already installed.

    The laptop probably needs some internal cleansing.
  • add an extra internal drive to the pc (if you use it to just listen to music and normal internet browsing)
    extra 80gb IDE 3.5" hard drive from ebuyer (£35)
    extra DDR 512mb Ram pc3200 (£20)
    spend a day on youtube and learn how to fit these, them move your music across to the new drive and delete it from the old one.

    needs new fan, needs cleaning inside from dust, needs thermal paste replaced
    total parts (£20 to £40) labor (must be done by professional about £40)
  • 512MB RAM here for £12.70.

    How much space in (MBs or GBs) is left on the C: drive?
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    Thanks for all your replies, it really DOES help having some advice!
    I don't know how much is left but someone 'de-fragmented' (?) because there was little space left and it's been running slowly, apparently due to space issues. My wireless keyboard now won't connect so that would be an extra cost..!
    I will have a think about what to do!
  • Right Click on the C: drive after clicking on My Computer and then choose Properties.

    You could make a 'clone' your drive onto a bigger hard drive, if you don't mind making a mini project out of it. Then you are looking at around £65 for the upgrade. Alternatively, you could just clear space on your current hard drive and use it as is, albeit with more RAM(which would speed things up). Then you are looking at under £15.

    You can buy a decent basic laptop for under £250 and/or PC and monitorfor just over £280.
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