For the experts why does my dun connection not work anymore on my broadband connectio

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Hi there,

Im with aol broadband silver 1mbit speed, just changed over a few days ago from gold, as I was getting same speed anyways.

I dont use aol software to connect all the time instead set up a dialup networking (dun) in network connections in xp. A lot quicker that way.

Today I find that the dun connection doesn't work anymore though I have right user names password etc. Can connect through aol software and also aol dialer. When I try to connect through dun I get error message 691 my user name or password not valid on the domain. (though its same one I use for connecting through aol software.

I have 2 installs of xp on my computer and same problem with dun on each partition with xp though connecting through aol software is fine.

Now the only thing that has changed and may have a bearing is that bt has increased the speed on the line yesterday from 1mbit to 2 mbit, though I still get only the 1mbit as its aol silver.

Any ideas as to why dun should stop working ....I have deleted the connection and set it up again a number of times but no use.

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