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You can now read the full George Osborne Interview Transcript


  • Nile
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    It's good to hear that MP's are aware of this site and that they bother to read our views and comments.:cool:

    If you don't get many posts on this thread, it could be due to the verrrrrry slooooooooooooow loading of the link.:p I didn't use a stopwatch but it took around 60 seconds for the link to open for me. It's just as slow if you click on the link in the right margin.:o
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  • It's good to see these forums are being read by the right people, or at least the "people" of the right people...here's hoping we get some positive action. :)
  • Maybe someone from his office can send you his answers to the unasked questions (I am sure they are reading!!)
  • redux
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    Someone should ask why he was so keen to insult Monsieur Sarkozy, why he even thought it was funny, and whether he intends to grow up.

    For those who don't know what this is about, it's roughly on a par with Kenny Everett at a Conservative Party conference years ago, suggesting breaking Michael Foot's walking stick.

    We need the country run by grown-ups, not juvenile twits with a mental age of 10 or 12.
  • Errata
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    An SRP pension question ? Yay :j well done :A big up to you :T
    Have a large champagne :beer: on me :)
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
  • les_holloway
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    How can we ever trust any government to keep its promises on pensions? Our company suspended its final salary pension scheme when Serps was launched in 1978 because it was superior to the company's 80ths scheme. 10 years later the scheme was reactivated because it was announced that the promised Serps pension payout would be halved. More recently, the widows element was also halved. When I received my state pension, the Serps element was reduced by approx. a further 1/3 to claw back a NI rebate introduced to encourage employees to contract out of Serps. Now the government are planning to link increases to the generally lower CPI rather than the long established RPI index. If this were a ptivate company, I would expect it to be successfully sued for fraud. Grumpy old Git.
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