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MSE News: Upturn in number of homes for sale, surveyors say



  • Lotus-eater
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    I think alot of intelligence is given to the general population, that isn't really there.

    People do see the housing market as a way to make money, how often have you heard "we've made £xxxx's on this house"
    They forget completely that the house they want to move up to has gone up more than they have made.
    The mindset is still there, which is why there is so much interest and speculation about the housing market, it's a market anyone can join and speculate in.
    Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.
  • Percy1983
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    As it is I haven't bought yet (FTB), but if I bought at the peak of the prices I would try and sell and then rent for a year or 2, otherwise I will have a 100k mortgage on a 70k house.

    The 'older' people (like my parents) who bought back in the 80's etc aren't bothered, right now they have a 35k mortgage on a 100k house so things have to reduce massively before they hit negative equity. But with that how many have remortgaged to release 'free money'?

    People holding out for prices to return to normal... what is normal? increases have been way ahead of earnings for years just freezing out FTB's so is normal a reduction back inline wit earning of normal people?
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  • HammerSmashedFace
    Cleaver wrote: »
    I love how you're so sure about everything. I'm being sincere, I actually admire your complete confidence in your opinion, as it's something I don't have about myself. There's been three years of property prices being completely mental, unpredictable, stupid and just plain perplexing. And about a million future variables are out there: many ways in which the economy could head, societal shifts, cultural changes, a variety of political scenarios that could play out, Europe, Asia and America that all influence us... etc. etc. etc,

    And yet you sound 100% sure what's going to happen. I wish I had your skills, because I'm clueless over here as to what will happen. Ah well.

    Your right in some ways, I am absolutely confident in my opinion on this matter, why ? simply because the way of life that we have come to accept over the last decades will shortly come to an end. This recession is the recession to end all recessions, the boom time of 97-07 will not happen again in our lifetime on that kind of scale. We simply do not have the physical resources to do it.

    Am I absolutely right, is there no doubt that this will happen, of course not. But having researched these subjects for many years, I am 100% confident in my own opinion. Others of course, are entitled to their's, although I take little notice of them unless I feel they have something to offer the debate that has passed me by.
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