I wondered what Martin thought of this?

Any chance of putting some more pressure on energy companies to stop ripping joe public off?

I look forward to the same old small drop in prices in March/April... When we........ don't need it so much...

& don't get me started on fuel capping deals.... ;)
Not Again


  • http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8552724.stm
    Millions of energy customers have been signed up to "unfair" fixed-rate tariffs that do not reflect current prices, a consumer website has warned.
    Energyhelpline.com, which compares prices, says customers on certain deals could be losing out on more than £500 a year, as consumer energy prices fall.
    It says many customers are locked into contracts they have to pay penalties to get out of.
    But providers argue fixed-term deals offer customers "peace of mind".
    Some of the biggest names in energy are cutting prices but Energyhelpline warned that some people were unwittingly paying more than they should for their bills.
    "There are millions of people in lock-in tariffs today,' said Energyhelpline's co-founder Mark Todd.
    "It can be really unfair because many of them don't reflect the market rate and some are up to £532 a year more expensive than the current market conditions.
    "It can also be very confusing to get out of them and they can include big cancellation penalties, up to £100."

    Any comment?
    Not Again
  • Q ENERGY firms aren't passing on falling prices. What will you do?
    A WE will ask the Office for Fair Trading to find out why firms seem much readier to put up prices and much slower to cut them.



    Billions of pounds being stolen from peoples' pockets & this is it??
    Not Again
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