Making cards - Ideas for beginners (part 4)



  • THE-WIFE_3
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    Sweet dreams, Tomsmom and sweet dreams tonight for me too! None of that 4.30 in the morning malarky tonight.

    Smashing news about Carly, craftygranny and DTB for your sister coming home.

    My good news is that at long last my SIL in moving out here in the backwaters of Essex. Oh! I feel a dance around a handbag coming on :j
    :whistle: Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, "OH CARP, SHE'S UP"! :whistle:

  • dawnteabag
    dawnteabag Forumite Posts: 1,019 Forumite
    Just spoken to my BIL - the bunting is up and he now has a mad dash to get the house ready for her. He's also got to find a bottle of Sancerre as that is what she has requested for her first night home - poor girl - loves her wine - being on a 'dry' base has been a bit of a trial I fear.
    He says none in Sainsbury's or tesco's. I suggested waitrose but there is not one near. Does anyone know if they sell it in m&s. Don't want him panicking about that on top of everything else!
  • craftygranny
    craftygranny Forumite Posts: 2,862 Forumite
    The Wife That sounds like really good news. Just don't fall over you haven't recovered properly from your last fall yet.
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  • dragonllew
    dragonllew Forumite Posts: 1,230 Forumite
    Craftygranny great news about Carly.

    Toms mum glad you have some good news about dh and your mum.

    DTB glad your sister is almost home.

    Choccy thankyou the stamped images arrived today.

    CT thanks your stash arrived today its fab glad you liked yours.

    Have added a couple of cards to my blog tonight.
  • Lyndach
    Lyndach Forumite Posts: 446
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    I am not tired tonight! I normally go to bed when little one goes down at 8, but she's upstairs snoring her head and I'm bored! So does anyone have the linky to that notelet (post it note) holder/cover thing! sorry I can't fully remember but I have the picture in my head if that helps! lol
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  • JailhouseBabe
    JailhouseBabe Forumite Posts: 1,590 Forumite
    Craftygranny - glad to hear Carly is coming along so well :) I hope the good news spreads to Alicia as well xx
    DTB - it must be a relief to hear that your sister is on her way home. Will you get to see her any time soon?

    I think I'm up-to-date with blogs now. I'm keeping a list of all the challenge entries - I'll post a list on here a day or two before the challenge ends (next week on Friday) in case I've missed anyone out so they can let me know.
    My challenge entry is on my blog now (on my homepage, lol); I've also entered it for a couple of other challenges (thanks for the links rainmac ;)), although I think I may actually have been to late for the secret crafter one. Just remembered, I have to blog my first box as well, will do it now.

    I hope everyone manages a good night's sleep tonight! I've got a busy day with work tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have lots of catching up to do again tomorrow night. :)
    some people grin and bear it, others smile and do it :)
  • Tired_Mom
    Tired_Mom Forumite Posts: 670 Forumite
    dawnteabag wrote: »
    Does anyone know if they sell it in m&s. Don't want him panicking about that on top of everything else!

    According to the website you can order it by the crate so I imagine they would sell it in the stores.

    Nice to hear of someone safely on their way home to loved ones.
  • Hassy
    Hassy Forumite Posts: 308 Forumite
    Hello everybody
    Hope you don't mind me joining in.
    I have been following the site for a long time and have just plucked up the courage to put fingers to key board... I have seen a post by The Wife asking about Hunkydory, they actually have a shop newly opened in Preston, their wbsite is I am afraid I am not computer literate enough to have a blog site or able to post links etc.. :-( . I have been making cards for about a year now, just for interest as a hobby to give them to friends and family. I have had a good reaction to them, hope people aren't just being polite??? and I love all the creations you do, you are all very talented and have been a great help for my inspiration and answering questions that others have put on the thread, thank you all :-D
    I do hope that there is no restriction on this post because I know that as a newby some info isn't allowed, so whether this will be edited or not I don't know, but hopefully not as I am hoping to help The Wife with her query.
    Sorry to waffle on.....
    Self imposed crafty stash ban: started again 22/8/10 1 whole month stash free!
    I must not buy stash, I must not buy stash, I must not buy stash! :o
  • melissa75_2
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    The_Wife - great football card - I'm sure your grandaughter will love it - love the tied ribbon!!!

    TomsMum - everything is probably catching up with you at the minute - you've been through a lot - hope you feel better soon.

    Lei -thanks for the info - I've been wanting to try and make some for ages now - yours look so gorgeous - what did you use to colour the images in with - I don't think tissue paper would like my promarkers!!!!

    Dawnteabag - great news about your sister - bet you can't wait to see her!!!!

    Craftygranny - great news too about Carly.

    Dragonflew - thank you so much for my ATC it arrived today - I love the "bling" around the bunny's neck!!! I'll post a pic tomorrow on my blog, I posted yours today so hopefully you'll get it tomorrow. I love your Liverpool card - my OH and son are Liverpool mad - they're going to see them on Sunday. Your 80 card is stunning - love the pretty flowers.

    Rusty - ignore my previous post - I don't know what on earth I was going on about. I found a pic of your paper pad and it looks gorgeous - by the sounds of it that and the bella pad have only just come out, I might have to get one myself.
  • dawnteabag
    dawnteabag Forumite Posts: 1,019 Forumite
    Tired_Mom wrote: »
    According to the website you can order it by the crate so I imagine they would sell it in the stores.

    Nice to hear of someone safely on their way home to loved ones.

    I've told him to ring their customer services in the morning and see if they can help out. The prob is that there isn't actually an m&s near the house but he has a 90 min drive to pick her up from the plane so is now thinking he could stop off somewhere on the way. I'm hoping he gets someone nice at customer services who will find him somewhere en-route that has it in stock as he'll have my nephews in the car with him (aged 3 and 4) so he won't want to keep stopping and getting them out of the car etc.
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