March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Just remembered I took 2 litres of fresh milk round to DS1 yesterday. They have just had their first baby and that was all they needed from Tesco so I'm going to add £1.50 back into my pot.

    Will change signature now.
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    Well NSD for me today - and as I made DH lunch he shouldn't have spent anything either in fact Im going to aim for another 2 NSDs but on thursday I think that I will have to go and get some Aptamil (so expensive.......:() for DS2 but aim to spend nothing until then as I dont need it - fridge, cupboards and freezer are much that Im thinking of trying to limit myself to £80 next week rather than £90
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    Just back from the shops, only spent £6.39 so I'm very pleased as I stuck to essentials.Just going to change my sig now:j:j
  • Popped in to Mr M's to get some bread, milk and milkshake mix but ended up spending £12.23 as they have such good offers at the moment. But going in today should take down Wednesday's weekly shop total!
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  • I haven't posted on here yet this month :o so I need to update total. So far grocery spends are £41.48 which was our Mr T delivery last wednesday. Fridge and freezer looking pretty ok food-wise but we are running very low on washing up liquid and cleaning products so may need to stock up on Wednesday (my half day at work, everything seems to get done that day!)

    Tonight's dinner in the SC is comfort food heaven - sausages, onions, tinned tomatoes and beans. I'm going to peel some potatoes to make mash with and root around to see what veggies I can find to go with it all. It's OH's favourite and fills him up at least
    . :D
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    Just popped in to update my signature at £668.11 for the year to date. I have decided to exclude alcohol from my GC budget and move the budget and spends so far over to my entertainment budget.

    I set the budget based on a small amount of beer/wine for DH (I am preggers) to have in the house but he has not been going out as much as expected due to the baby so has had a bit more in the house which was skewing the budget.

    I am decreasing my annual budget to £2864.

    I am hoping to have enough Mr M savings stamps, nectar points and Mr T clubcard points and sealed pot contents to cover all our food (and more) needs in December so the budget is not looking too bad if I can achieve this. I do think I spend too much still though and could do better but big bump and bad back are getting in the way of batch cooking and meal planning.

    DH keeps offering to do the weekly Mr M shop. I don't know if I should be :) or :eek:. I suppose he will have to do it when the baby arrives so best if he gets some practice in. Will send him with the cash and a list and see if he can resist the special offers.;)

    Keep up the good work everyone :)
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  • NSD today but tomorrow & Wednesday will be the test days as they are the days that I don't work and end up spending the most. At the moment all I can think I need is milk, veg & weetabix but we shall see!
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    TEsco delivery came to £81 (not inc delivery)
    Ragz is busy studying ;)
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    aliadds wrote: »
    Just wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of some sort of guide as to how much a week I should allow for 2 adults and 2 dogs. Is £35 realistic or should it be more? I know there are lots of other factors involved but I just thought someone may have some advice!:)

    we are feeding 2 adults and 2 dogs and also 1 cat for less than £40 per week. I budget for £40 but over time it works out at a bit less so it seems as if you are similar to us. Our dogs are big eaters too and it seems to work out just right :D

    Good luck

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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    guccigoo wrote: »
    i went into mr s today and spent £13.15 as i had to get ingrediants for green thai curry that im doing in the slow cooker, it would have been a lot cheaper for me to get the sains own jar sauce than to make it all from scratch. there only £1 each!! still never mind i may do that next time :)

    Which recipe are you using and how many mouths are you feeding if you don`t mind me asking :o

    I make this quite often but the price of the ingredients has never been as high. If you have some ingredients left over it should bring down the price for next time that you make it.

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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