Moving out of my flat, need a few recommendations...

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Hi there guys,

I'm moving out of my rented flat in Edinburgh next month and I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction for some of these.

I need a carpet cleaning company because there's been one too many spillages and they look kind of worn out. I don't really want to loose my deposit so needs to be done but I reckon I'll need a professional.

Secondly, does anybody know of a reasonably priced removal company? I've done a search for movers in the forum (along with carpet cleaners which didn't bring any joy) but the two I've found recommended have quoted me quite steep prices, it is a top floor flat though. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help guys,:)


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    A professional carpet cleaning company will send round an operative with a powered cleaner. The operative will simply push the cleaner around and charge you for doing that.
    You can hire the machine for about £40 approx.

    Something like one of these is what you need
  • I agree with Scotsbob. Hire one. You can hire from Homebase or Johnsons.
    Re. movers. Have you tried Pickfords. If not you could try Bishops Move. Used them in the past for corporate purposes but they do residential as well.
  • I would try gumtree for both but particularly removals....I did a search on there when we moved and got quotes from all companies advertising and chose the best value.

    I don't think they were the cheapest but they included box hire in their cost so worked out best deal in total I would recommend them but they were glasgow based...
  • Thanks for the advice guys...

    For the movers, I had got quotes from Pickfords any they were way out of my league, I've ended up booking with company called Move2 who seem very legit and also gave me a good quote.

    I've taken the advice about the carpet cleaning though and I'm going to give it a shot myself and hire one. We'll see how it goes though :S
  • scotsbob wrote: »
    A professional carpet cleaning company will send round an operative with a powered cleaner. The operative will simply push the cleaner around and charge you for doing that.

    I can assure you that a proper professional DOESN'T simply "push the cleaner around"!!

    A professional will power vacuum the carpet then treat the stains, pre-spray the carpet, agitate the pre-spray, allow a dwell time, clean using a hot water extraction machine and re-set the pile of the carpet before applying an anti-stain treatment as required! A certificate of cleaning is then issued to give to your landlord as proof you have had the carpets cleaned..

    How do I know? I own a carpet cleaning business...

    Now, there are shysters in the business, known as "splash and dash" and they'll just 'splash' some water around and 'dash' off with your cash. Ask them up front exactly how they propose cleaning your carpet.

    If doing it yourself take care and follow the instructions supplied to the letter. You could well end up losing your deposit (If the carpet isn't cleaned properly) to having to buy the landlord a new carpet (If you shrink/damage it)

    DON'T be temped to use any more cleaning chemical than instructed and NEVER use something not intended for use on a carpet. Also, DON'T over-wet the carpet or get it too hot..

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