Boiler grants in Scotland

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Does anyone know if/when grants to help with replacement of boilers will be available in Scotland? Had a look at direct gov but it all seems to be England.


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    I have written to my MSP and asked him. I'll post if I get a reply
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    Phone the Energy Saving Trust on 0800 512 012 and ask about the Energy Assistance Package. They will check your eligibility for help with heating and insulation, and help with any claim for help.
    (They are paid for by central government so not in it to make money.)
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    I got the following reply today from my MSP:

    "I am afraid that as far as I can establish, the Scottish Government has not given any further details so far of its proposed Boiler Scrappage Scheme.

    I have tabled a Parliamentary Question on this (copy attached) and will let you know as soon as I have received any response.

    S3W-31887 Iain Smith: To ask the Scottish Executive when it will announce the details of its boiler scrappage scheme."

    Hopefully we'll hear soon as I don't think my boiler will stand another cold snap, and it's snowing again!
  • It's hardly fair considering we are so much colder than England
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    Mrs. T I have something similar going on with my boiler. I've been trying to take advantage of the Scottish governments 'Interest Free loan Scheme for Central Heating'. However I have been disappointed to learn this scheme is only applicable to residents with a ‘G’ rated boiler!

    My boiler is about twenty years old, ‘E’ rated and woefully inefficient. It should be noted that experts state

    Small differences in the calculated SAP seasonal efficiency values are not significant and should not be relied on when comparing boilers”

    The difference between my boiler and a ‘G’ rated boiler is minimal and I’ve argued the case all the way up to the Scottish Government. Eric Joyce my local MP has assisted me but I’m coming up against smoke and mirrors.

    Joanne Wright at the Scottish government stated the following after a lot of prompting:

    “The Energy Saving Trust has had 1200 requests for 'home loan' application forms. They have so far received only 147 completed applications and of these 93 are for boiler replacements”

    Two million pounds is available for this scheme which runs out at the end of this month however only £304,112 has been spent!!! (22/12/09)

    My interpretation of these figures is many people have been disappointed when they have read the small print and realised these ‘offers’ are for a select few. This is typical of our Scottish government making incentives look good in glossy brochures but in reality the general population are being fobbed off again.

    The point I'm making is don't rely on the long wait for this new incentive coming out. You'll probably find it will be covered with loop holes.

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    taken from the scottish governments website:

    Boiler Scrappage Scheme

    In his budget bill speech of 3 February 2010, the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth, John Swinney committed £2m for 2010-11 for a Scottish boiler scrappage scheme. This will support the forthcoming Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Scotland, which will be published in late spring. Further details of the Scottish boiler scrappage scheme will be announced in due course.
    For those seeking immediate assistance with replacement of the most inefficient boilers, please contact our Energy Saving Scotland advice network on 0800 512 012 to find out more about the Energy Assistance Package and the interest-free Energy Saving Scotland home loans.

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