'Winter Olympics consolation finals – I don't get it?' blog discussion



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    Yesterdays World Golf Championship World Matchplay which Ian Poulter won has a play off for 3rd and 4th from the two losing semi finalists. Don't think Sergio Garcia wanted to be in the consolation final at all. Not sure if this counts to ranking points but pretty certain the prize money is a lot different. Not that Sergio needs the money.
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  • I think B / small Finals are fine as other people have said they sort out the placings below those decided in the main final.

    I can also imagine it is hard to get motivated if you expected to make it to the main final!

    The snowboard cross was really exciting however then I watched the Ski cross on the same course and that just blew my mind!
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    Some of the summer olympics have B finals too. I saw one of the B finals in Rowing at the Sydney 2000 games. The atheletes looked pretty happy about winning them and the crowd was loving it so why not? If I'd spent years getting ready for the olympics I'd want to know exactly where I/we ended up even if it wasn't in the top 8.
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  • We used to be able enter a "Plate" competition in Squash if you were knocked out at the first round, it was a great idea especially if you had travelled a long way and then only got one opportunity to play
  • I watched the skier cross and snowboard cross and loved ed's gaffe about errol flynn ...lol
    Anyway I think the reason they have a 'small' final is in case the 4 that race in the main final don't all finish, just say 2 snowboarders/skiers were to fall and not continue then the person who came 4th would in fact get a bronze medal....good idea really...but tbh I'd roll down the mountain on my bum just to finish :-D
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