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  • It's a great idea. I work for a trust that funds debt advice and also gives awards direct to people in debt - and also advise on another initiative. There's always room for more debt advice.
  • Can I suggest linking in with the Citizens Advice Bureau? They have two aims, to help people with their problems, debt or otherwise, and also to try to change social policy to be fairer - maybe there can be some partnership there?
  • Great idea but we must recognise that often the people who need the most help are the ones who have not got ready access to your site.The CAB is often the only available help for many people who need face to face contact and in many areas is hard pressed to advise everyone who needs their services.A partnership with them in promoting consumer education would have significant benefits
  • How about a stall at every university's fresher week with information about the website and what it does, how it operates, etc?
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    Martin, I think any charity with the dedicated aim of increasing financial education and awareness has got to be a good thing :T

    Its interesting to consider whether the money would be best used to fund lots of small, localised projects or a few bigger, more national ones. I guess this would depend on the project ideas brought forward to the trust though. I would definitely agree that a user-friendly application progress would be essential, so that smaller initiatives are not put off from applying.

    I think its great that the site can generate such amounts of cash and that it can be put towards something so worthwhile :T :D

    Kath :)
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  • Martin - great idea. And the most useful tool that beginners can learn to become fancially savvy must be the daily/monthly budget. If a beginner can learn to run their own simple budget via a simple spreadsheet on computer or on paper, it will open up a whole new world of financial acumen to them which keeps them in control. Because when you know exactly how much money is being credited or debited to your account - and on what day - then you can manipulate your finances to screw the corporate big guys before they screw you. Go for it Martin !

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    I like the idea, but...

    £75k (50% of £150k) won't exactly go far once it's dished out to various organisations. As someone who has experience in distributing funding to various charitable organisations, I have often seen projects which do not exactly deliver value for money, (Cue avalanche of complaints...) and £75k is about going to employ one full time person, a bit of admin support and some overheads. (or essentially the equivalent, but in lots of little bits)

    Perhaps a better use could be found?

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    I think that it's a great concept you have here Martin, but I would also like to say a big thank you for what you have already contributed to charities. I personally manage the Swansea CHRISTians Against Poverty Centre, and I know first hand what it is like to be releasing people from the chains of debt.

    Your contributions have paid a part of this solution by supporting a centre for up to about 5 months. In this time we could have effectively helped up to 25 families! The social implications are endless, as we have seen marriages/families kept together, suicide prevented, children have proper meals and clothing, stopped home re-possessions etc. Something to think about Martin; you've been a part of the solution for these people!

    We have just won 2 major national awards this month with Charles Kennedy having donated one of them (picie on the website! -, so we are going from strength to strength by providing a means of escape from debt as an alternative to the so-called "free" debt advice agencies out there.

    I think that it would be a great idea for you and your Dad to visit our operations in Bradford to see more of what we are trying to achieve! Many thanks again.

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    martinp79 wrote:
    Martin, this is an excellent idea! Increased financial savvy would stop a lot of the problems with finance and children (and a lot of older memebers of the community) should be made aware. Perhaps the charity could develop (or fund the development) of a short course that community groups/churches could run for their community. It is often the people who need this advice most that don't get access to it.

    This is a fantastic idea, as a teacher I would happily volunteer teaching such a course, I think many people of all ages could benefit!!!
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    I work for HMRC Charity division and I also whole heartedly support this idea. Don't forget that applying for charitable status with HMRC will allow the trust tax breaks.
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