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Have recently moved house. After a few months, decided to move my gas supply to SWALEC (since they also supplied my electricity).

Just received my first bill for the 5 months to 29 July 2004 = £108.

Of this, £11 was for the 'service charge', and an ADDITIONAL £11 was for a 'Use of System Charge'.

Didn't have this on my previous supplier's bill, and have never seen it before. So I contacted SWALEC to find out. After passing through two support staff, and getting to speak to a manager, I was informed that this additional charge was being passed on to me because the pipes on my new housing estate were being managed by a different company to TRANSCO. appears that I am paying TWICE for the gas infrastructure, once to TRANSCO (costs incorporated into SWALEC's service charge/unit cost) and again to this other company.

The manager explained that it was due to the government's intention to open up the gas supply market. Hmmm....I'm all for 'opening up the market' becuase this 'should result in reduced costs. But in MY case it appears to have increased them - based on my recent bill, by over 11.3%!

I put a scenario to this SWALEC manager. If I lived in the next street over, that had been there for many years, would I have received an equivalent bill (assuming similar use) but without the additional £11 charge. He said yes.

I don't understand why I have to pay an 'additional charge'. Fine - if there is a third company involved, that is charging the supplier £11, then presumably TRANSCO would reduce 'their' charge to the supplier accordingly. Effect on me = same bill, just different amounts going to Transco and other company. As it is, I am paying the TRANSCO fee (through my supplier) PLUS the other company's fee!

Has anyone else suffered this charge? Does nayone know anything more about it?

It's going to make it nigh on impossible for me to compare costs with other companies. My previous company just charged a unit cost. SWALEC charges a unit cost, a service charge AND this 'use of service' charge.......

I have NO idea whether I'm getting a good deal or not!

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    This is a problem that most suppliers pass on to the customer. If you MPR start 74........ then u are likely to be on a 'non' transco mains gas line(or IPGT).

    There are a few compaines that will not charge u for this luxuary, Britsih Gas never used 2, u'll need to check with them 1st though.

    Put it 2 Swalec that unless they credit u with your 11 pounds then you'll be forced to take your custom else where. A savy manager would credit u it as 'good will'

    Altenatively go and look in the next street over and c if ne one wants to swop homes with you.

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