Have 1 in 4 really been a victim of ID fraud?

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Poll Title: Poll Started 10 July. Have 1 in 4 really been a victim of ID fraud? A recent survey claims this, but I believe there's an industry trying to sell us products on the back of ID fraud fear. So I want to test it myself. Remember ID fraud means someone has deliberately stolen your identity to make false applications and defraud you, it's not simple fraud where money has been charged to your account or credit card. Which of these is closest to your situation?

A. My ID was stolen and used
B. Not ID fraud but card/account had false transactions
C. I've been a victim of another bank type fraud
D. Never been victim of bank or card fraud


  • wigginsmumwigginsmum Forumite
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    C (I think). Except it happened to DH. Someone phoned his bank pretending to be him and got a month's salary transferred out somewhere else.
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  • Ive never heard of it happening to any one i know, and I know more than 4 people :)
  • With a fissog like that I'm sure your safe Nelly!

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  • C I was the victim of another bank type fraud.

    Back in the days of yore, bore and other things, and there was no Mr Nice Guy or MSE to come of that, My Bank used to issue cheque books that were printed in the bank.

    One day I recieved an apologetic letter from my Bank manager saying they were returning 200 smackers to my account. Aparantly, the lassie who printed the cheque books was nicking the odd one or two from each book and cashing them in sequence.

    Nice little earner for her while it lasted.

    Since then, Nothing, except the dish washer keeps nicking it from the Joint Account
  • IvanOpinionIvanOpinion Forumite
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    I think it is all over hyped and it is causing unwarranted hysteria and panic (I believe mainly caused by a bored populous with overactive imaginations and the media trying to keep them happy).

    Yes there is fraud out there .. there always has been ... but 1-in-4 is just taking the '!!!!!!'.

    I recently had to calm my mother down when something untoward appeared on her statement ... she was in an awful state (she is old and panics over these things .. she has too much time on her hands and watches too much of this sort of rubbish on TV). I simply phoned up the credit card company, the item went into dispute, we paid the remainder of the bill, we were offered another card but we all agreed that it was a simple mistake ... I am sure though that somebody somewhere would count my mother as part of the 1-in-4 ...she WASN'T there was a simple MISTAKE.

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  • angryangry Forumite
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    When I heard this statistic quoted, it was 1 in 4 people knows somebody who has been a victim.
  • frugglewumpfrugglewump Forumite
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    D for myself
    B for my OH. His mastercard was cloned at a restaurant and we got a phone call from the bank asking if he really was in Dubai
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  • B. I guess.

    My bank contacted me a couple of weeks ago to say that the police had been in touch with them about attempted fraud on my Visa A/C, (other people affected too). Apparently a test transaction had been made just to establish if the account was active in preparation for something bigger. I used to be quite philosophical about the possibility of fraud/identity theft....ha...not now!
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  • choolstuffchoolstuff Forumite
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    A for the OH, our old house was rented out after we sold it and when the mail redirection finished they filled in pre-approved bank mail that came to the house. They managed to get about £10,00 credit using his name!

    B for me, in Feb 2 of my online bank accounts were raided, total of £3000ish. Got all the money back but had to cancel everything so much hassle. No more online banking for me!

    In neither case have the police been able to do anything about it.
  • anewmananewman Forumite
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    I'm with Nelly. Know lots of people, don't know anyone who has been a victim of identity theft.

    Only problem I have ever had is once I ordered some headphones from a well known Audio Visual e-tailler. They accidentally charged my card twice, but refunded it when I asked them about this. Just goes to show it is worth checking your credit card bills, even if you are afraid how much interest you are being charged and how big that bill is that you can't pay off.

    I can't wait till the day I get a job and am debt free...
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