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Yes it is.... any chance of an upgrade Blog Discussion

This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's 'Yes it is.... any chance of an upgrade' blog. Please read the blog first, as the discussion folows it.

Read Martin's "Yes it is.... any chance of an upgrade" Blog


  • RobN_2
    RobN_2 Posts: 17 Forumite
    I got an upgrade from a flight attendant once. Just before take off, she asked me if I minded moving so a woman could have my seat and the empty ones next to me for her kids. I just said that I didn't mind moving at all, and that I was going to ask to move because I was on the front row of economy so the TV mechanism was digging in my leg instead of being in the back of the seat in front. Then I smiled nicely, pointed at the row in front and said "Don't suppose I could move to there by any chance?". I was polite and understanding when she explained why she wasn't comfortable with doing that but would see what she could manage. A comfortable night's sleep ensued. Just goes to show that sometimes you can get what you want without stamping your feet and shouting. :)
  • RobN_2
    RobN_2 Posts: 17 Forumite
    I just thought, and re-read the blog to check ... Martin, did you actually ask for an upgrade or not?
  • cheeseandham
    Ditto on the upgrade from a flight attendant a few years ago on Saudi Airways.
    I was sat watching the TV before the flight when an attendant asked if the lady opposite could move - for some reason that I couldn't fathom she did not feel comfortable sitting next to the man she was sat by.
    I said yes, it was still an aisle seat. After a few minutes I realised that my TV at the seat I had been moved to didn't work. So I asked (very nicely of course) if this could be rectified.
    I was moved again before the flight, the next seat was at the front where the TV on an arm couldn't be raised before the flight had taken off. Once in the air I realised that the TV didn't work again.
    So I pointed out very politely that I would like a TV that worked (it was a long 9 hour flight!) and if they couldn't find me one that I would very much appreciate the original seat that I was booked into and was on my ticket.
    Fortunately for me there were no other seats in Economy so they upgraded me to Business! :D
  • Flashfly
    Flashfly Posts: 132 Forumite
    Bad news Martin - normally the cabin crew are the best people for the upgrade. The folks on check-in have to abide by certain rules when upgrading, but the cabin crew can generally do it outside of the system as they see fit once you are onboard.

    Maybe they were full up front, or maybe they think that being a money saver means you prefer the travel in the most 'economical' way possible.

    Good luck next time!

  • MSE_Martin
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    It was also half way through the flight! Hence an upgrade by that stage wasn't really so possible :)
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