How have you been feeling lately?

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Decided to make this thread and have a little fun with it.
Post a picture that sums up how you're feeling or coping so we can SEE how you're doing.


Edit: Didn't give the explanation, did i?
Been paying off the debt regularly (parachute), but the gambling demons aren't letting go. I'm getting blown off course too easily and although i've not gambled, there's still a chance i'll get wet...

After falling off the gambling wagon (twice): £33,600 (24,000+ 9,600) - Original CC Debt: £7,885.91

Dad Gift 6k ¦ Savings & Inv Tst: £2,500
Loan 10k: £0 ¦ Dad 5.5k: £2,270 ¦ LTSB: £0 ¦ RBS: £0 ¦ Virgin £0 ¦ Egg £0

Total Owed: £2,270 (+6k) 11/08/2011


  • niccatw
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    :T :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:Loving it George!


    (Generally I'm a pacifist, honest guv!)
    Jan10: 28,315.81 Jan11: 18,015.32 Jan12: 7,682.58 Jan13: 2,987.73 Current debt: 1,225.55
    HFC [STRIKE]1896.10. [/STRIKE] 225.55 SLC2 [STRIKE]5123.34[/STRIKE] 0 Others [STRIKE]2085[/STRIKE] 1000 Bcard [STRIKE]1172.60[/STRIKE] 0

    Mike's Mob
  • miss-you-n-love-you-wallpaper.jpg

    Having a new girlfriend after the absolute rubbish 2008/2009 I had is GREAT.
    Her living 65 miles away is the only downside. But, we've got the whole weekend together so yay!
    Starting Debt: ~£20,000 01/01/2009. DFD: 20/11/2009 :j
    Do something amazing. GIVE BLOOD.
  • debt.gif

    but working towards reducing this asap!
    ANY_CHANCE Posts: 825 Forumite
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    At the moment i feel a bit like this

    “most people give up just as they are about to achieve success”
    If you think you are going through hell keep going - Sir Winston Churchill
    If You Can't Change It, Change the Way You Think About It.
    SW, 13st5lb, -4 1/2, -1,(12st13.5lbs)
  • What a great thread idea :)
    i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and will be debt free by October this year :j
  • BB0246-001.jpg%3Fv%3D1%26c%3DIWSAsset%26k%3D2%26d%3DEDF6F2F4F969CEBD9160DD8480C98AB5D21261AF5641822107EBEE4FB13F7C33

    I feel like this... have started but just need to keep going, and don't feel safe yet!
  • Tixy
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    Mostly I feel like thisstock-photo-hamster-wheel-runner-11989066.jpg
    - I've been on DFW for a year but haven't reduced my debt anywhere near as much as I would have liked

    But occasionally I turn more into this :o
    A smile enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give
    or "It costs nowt to be nice"
  • 080509-cat-mouse-830a.hlarge.jpg

    it's all a big game of cat and mouse isn't it?>!:mad:
    Hoping to of finally learned my lesson...slowly but surely
  • natsplatnat
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    There seems to be something stopping me (or slowing me down) from getting where I want to be!

    start = Wed 19th Nov 2008 £21,225
    end = Mon 28th Sept 2015 DEBT FREE!
    I love a good plan - it may not work.... but I love a good plan!
  • bigstockphoto_Discouraged_Businesswoman_2820965.jpg
    DFW 228 LONG H 68
    DFD 2017 :eek:
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