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Incorrect Meter readings

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Incorrect Meter readings

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Energy
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Debbirise_2Debbirise_2 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Energy
I changed electricity and gas supplier last year from British Gas to Npower. British gas however had swapped my meter readings around so that the night reading was the day. I was unaware of this until a meter reader came to my house and told me I had filled in the card incorrectly. He then filled out the correct meter readings and I panicked for a while waiting for a large bill to come from Npower. However when the bill came I noticed that they hadn't changed the readings, so I rang and told a customer service person about the problem, she said that it would be sorted and I would received help paying the bill if it was too high. I have now recieved another quarterly bill which still has the readings wrong. I live in fear of a huge bill. Has anyone else had this problem? :'(


  • If you telephone many of these firms you get a call centre where they cannot be bothered to deal with anything that is not routine.

    You are far better to send them an email that can be traced.

    If you do get an incorrect bill just challenge it - it isn't a problem. If they are not getting their money it concentrates their mind.
  • deanosdeanos Forumite
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    Ring Energy Watch they will soon sort it out, i had similar probs with Powergen i was getting a bill for a different property as they had the meter numbers mixed up somehow they never seemed to sort it out Energy Watch had it resolved within a month.
  • i would give them one more try - ask to speak to a manager and say if its not sorted within a week - you are contacting energywatch

    and then if it is a large bill - demand a reduction of 50% - they need to take on the responsibility, you have done everything you can to rectify the problem

    npower are really bad in my opinion...
    defo one of the worst at customer service

    let us know what the outcome is...
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