Orange, praise and vent!

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My mobile phone got stolen from me over the xmas period, so I had to call and make an insurance claim, which went through fine and I got my new phone.

My partner and I both have iPhones, which are on the same account, but once I received my replacement iPhone through, his stopped working!

I phoned orange and for 2 days they said everything was absoloutely fine with the account (3 advisors said this)

I was going crazy, but I finally got through to a LOVELY girl called Jennifer, who said she would have a look into it and phone me back. Thankfully, she kept her promise and phoned me back. We spent over an hour sorting it out, and it turned out that they had barred the wrong handset. After 3 days of no phone for my partner, it finally worked after speaking to this girl.

So, shame on you 3 advisors for being lazy and not looking into it properly!

And to the girl (I think called Jennifer, maybe not?) who sorted it out, your customer service was one of the best I received, and you are fantastic at your job!

I asked to speak to her manager, and sat praising her for a few minutes :)
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