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  • Skint_Catt
    Skint_Catt Posts: 11,548 Forumite
    OMG!!!! I bet you're relieved!!

    I'm always playing with my engagement ring, and as it's slightly too loose anyway now I'm terrified of losing it!

    Well done GMTV!
  • So pleased you found it, Martin.

    I once lost the diamond out of my engagement ring - I was so relieved to find it on the front door mat - how licky was that!!
  • jillie1974
    jillie1974 Posts: 6,997 Forumite
    Martin you are one lucky man!!
    'Children are not things to be moulded, but are people to be unfolded'
  • OMG !!! AND YOU'VE ADMITTED TO IT !! My heart was in my mouth when I read that - and I'm sure your's was too at the time. Glad to see all ended well.
  • newleaf
    newleaf Posts: 3,132 Forumite
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    Pleased you found it. Now stop fiddling with it!
    Official DFW Nerd No 096 - Proud to have dealt with my debt!
  • Quackers
    Quackers Posts: 10,157 Forumite
    newleaf wrote: »
    Pleased you found it. Now stop fiddling with it!

    well said.

    not long before she died my Nan gave me her wedding ring.

    It would only fit on my little finger as it was that tiny.

    I lost it on 22nd Dec last year....I wasn't as lucky as Martin :(

    I'd been wearing it for 6 years and was always messing with it...twisting it around etc...I still touch my little finger now and my heart sinks when I realise it's not there anymore :(

    Glad you found yours Martin :)
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  • Hi Martin

    It's Naomi here the lady you did the makeover for on GMTV on Wednesday. I just read your blog and am so glad you found you wedding ring, I remember how panicked & worried you were when I left the studio. I’m so pleased it all worked out in the end, it is such a terrifying feeling to think you have lost something so precious.
    Thank you again for all your advice and please pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude to Guy for all his help in wading through my mountain of mismanaged accounts and debts. I have decided to base my blog over the next year on our debt recovery and look forward to seeing just how far we will have come in our quest to find a better and more stable financial future.
    I look forward to receiving the email from Guy with all the suggestions you made during and after the show.

    Thanks to you and Lorraine for giving me the opportunity to improve our financial future.
    Naomi :j
  • Glad it all turned out ok.
    You don't realise what some things mean till you lose them.
    I've never lost my wedding ring but just this month I've had to replace mine after 38 years of it being on my hand as I have arthritis and my finger has swollen.
    It was either take it off now or wait and have it cut off.
    It's realy upset me I feel like I've lost part of me,and the new ring although exactly the same just does'nt seem right somehow.
    Somethings don't boil down to monetary value do they.
  • :rotfl:Hi Martin - Glad you found the ring. I bet Lara is too!!!
    I know a great (and fair priced!) jeweller just off Baker Street if it happens again and you're not so lucky.
    Hope all's well. Michelle and Adam Webber :-) :rotfl:
  • My husband lost his the other week. His is quite loose, and we searched the house. In the end it turned up in the tumble dryer. In between taking a load of washing out of the washer, and putting it into the dryer, it had slid off into the load and not been noticed. I could hear it clunking around in the dryer, but hadn't thought much of it til he retraced his steps!
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