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I started knitting a cotton jumper one summer (about 4+ yrs ago) and guess what! Yes, it is still sat there waiting to be finished. As my figure has gone from size 8 to rotund since then, I need to undo it and restart.

Questions - do I undo it and wash the wool first or can I just go ahead and just start re-using it? If it is not a good idea to re-use it, what shall I do with it?

Any help/advice welcome.



  • kezbradley
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    Ooooh I've done this a few times. If you try to knit it back up straightaway it probably won't be very neat. If you wet the wool and wrap it round something to dry it usually knits up better, I've used a hard back book, but be careful you don't pick something where the ink in the paper will run otherwise you may end up rainbow coloured. Good Luck
  • Dora_the_Explorer_5
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    Undo it winding into balls
    Wind loosely around the back of a chair
    Tie the hanks in about three places
    Wash in hand hot water, spin, leave to dry naturally but supported as its cotton
    Put hanks over chair back
    Remove ties
    Wind into balls
    Knit !

    Hope this makes sense, post again if I need to make it a bit clearer - good luck
  • chickadee
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    Ha Ha. This made me laugh! I have just found a half-knitted cotton jumper in a cupboard. I pulled it out and had a look inside the bag. The pattern was from Woman's Weekly June 2001! :rotfl: Fortunately I'm still the same size so I've just picked it up where I left off five years ago. The thing is, the pattern says "Knits in a couple of evenings." Er, yes maybe but the evenings needn't be near each other. :o
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  • tanith
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    I used to do this with my childrens knitwear and use the wool to knit larger striped cardies and jumpers with all the wool.

    I used to get a wire cake cooling rack and wind the wool around that.. wash in a mild liqued soap and dry still on the racks , it used to dry just like new... then I would wind into balls and Knit.... :T

    Good luck...
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  • rkh001
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    Thanks everyone. I had thought of finishing it in the size originally started and then give it to charity but it is so pretty that I would like to have it for myself. Not greedy lol.
    Here's to many an evening in front of the telly, knitting.
  • shetitasatic
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    If you're going to knit it in a bigger size I hope you've got enough wool!!
    (just a thought!)
  • rkh001
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    Yes, I believe I have enough wool.
    Unpicking and washing is my task for the weekend to keep me from spending money.
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    I use a wire hanger pulled into a rectangle then wind the wool around it and steam it with the kettle.Then hang it up to dry.
    You can just knit with the wobbley wool as it will calm down once the new knit is washed.
  • ET03
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    you can also buy up woolen items from charity shops, unpick, wash and reuse
  • Debt_Free_Chick
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    Is it cotton or wool :confused:

    If cotton, I would gently wash it first as cotton always seems to shrink a little (and then stretch a little!).

    Strongly suggest that you find a pattern in your current size (sorry, sorry, sorry!) but for a smaller garment IYSWIM. So if the original pattern was for a sweater, find a pattern for a sleeveless or short sleeved summer top. You stand a better chance of having enough wool .... or is it cotton :rotfl:
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