New Flat Roof

Hi guys quick question...

how much should i expect to pay for a new flat roof for my bathroom approx size 2m x 2m?

Looks like it could cave in at anytime!

Im in merseyside if that has any effect on the price?

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  • ormus
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    a complete, small flat roof? 1k/2k?
    i got mine repaired a few yrs ago for 250 quid. he used the proper melted asphalt.
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  • chivers1977
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    Mine around 2.5 sqm was £600 to replace in the summer. This included new insulation, boards and asphalted (sp!?) 3 layers of felt, with chippings on top. This was through one of our council's Fair Traders and is a great job. I know that you can now get rubber or fibre glass roofs but this does the job for me.
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  • badmumof1
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    we have got glass fibre on our balcony and its brilliant worked out cheaper than the hot pot and obviously we can walk on it too
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  • knowloads
    Fibreglass done and duted for about £950 depending on other work needed, roof-coaters in Manchester did ours just before snow started, looked great but not seen it since (until snow melts) ;-)
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