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Possible frozen pipe

Arrrgggh my water wont go down my kitchen sink and have tried boiling water, drain clearer etc.Think it might be frozen as I don't have central heating:eek::eek:Have put the oven on full and opened the doors under the sink, might try the hairdryer on it later, any other ideas?:confused::confused:I cannot afford a plumber right now:oI have left heaters on as well as gas fire to try n prevent this but........................:(
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  • WestonDave
    WestonDave Posts: 5,154 Forumite
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    When the pipe leaves the house, what does it do? Does it empty into an open drain, or does it disappear underground before you can see the end of it.

    If it empties into an open drain, it would normally only have water in the U part inside your kitchen, and cold as your house might be, I suspect its not frozen. (To put this in perspective I just realised that I'd left a bottle of water in my car outside since first thing this morning, but that hasn't frozen). Assuming its not frozen its probably blocked so stick a bucket under the U bend and unscrew it at the joints either side of the lowest point, so you can take it off. Chances are any blockage will be in that part and you can push it out with something (don't use something sharp as you'll damage the plastic).

    If the outside pipe goes underground before you see the end of it, it is possible that water in the underground pipes has frozen leaving it no-where to go, but I think this is less usual so I'd try the U bend first and then come back if you aren't getting anywhere.
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  • ormus
    ormus Posts: 42,714 Forumite
    it would have to be very cold in your kitchen for the u bend/trap to freeze up.

    most likely problem is outside. the pipe maybe not emptying properly due to an incorrect "fall" into the drain. that will certainly freeze in these temps. -17 here last night!
    (or maybe the drain is blocked).

    this is what my happened at my DDs house yesterday.
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  • payless
    payless Posts: 6,957 Forumite
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    rather have a frozen waste than a cold water supply freeze
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  • candygirl
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    Thanks Dave and Ormus for your help;)I just blasted the outside pipe with my hairdryer dor a while n the ice melted, and sink cleared.Thank God:D:D
    "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

    (Kabat-Zinn 2004):D:D:D
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