Hadley Freeman bizzare Simon Cowell comparison criticism in Guardian!

"Heck, on BBC Breakfast News on Sunday morning, the station hauled in a financial expert to get his views on a story. And who was this "financial expert"? Why, none other than "Martin Lewis, financial journalist". All you fellow aficionados of daytime TV will no doubt have shared my shock at this – after all, Lewis is not just any "financial journalist", he is GMTV's financial journalist. His appearance on the BBC is like Simon Cowell being asked to play a part in the upcoming government: ie, a sign that a venerable institution is stooping down and beseeching for help from the cheap seats in the hope of catching some of that populist bug."
Does anyone know what Martin was talking about on Sunday? Unless it was some irrelevant issue it seems a bit odd to criticise him for being populist and to suggest that the BBC shouldn't interview him because he's popular!
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