A little help for a newbie please

Good afternoon all and a happy new year

We have come home today to a final demand letter from Lewis Debt Recovery on behalf of CL Finance Limited for £2787.95. This is from a credit card which partner had years ago and ran away from after he lost his job. He has been trying to remember when he last made a payment on this and believes it was 6 years ago in October 09 but isnt 100% sure.

I dont really want to phone this company due to the advice given on other boards as they will prob get us to agree to all sorts but can someone offer us some advice please.

We have just signed up to Experian to look at his credit file and there is nothing on there about CCJ's or outstanding debts with the particular bank the debt was with.

Do you think this debt will be considered statute barred now? And also does anyone know what Lewis Debt Recovery are like for leaving people alone after sending the template letter advising of the debt being statute barred??

Thanks in advance



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    Firstly, NEVER Phone them. Look in the templates for the 'Prove it' letter, which basically say that you don't know of or acknowledge any debt to them.

    It is up to them to prove you owe it.

    Cheers, HG
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    If you're fairly confident it's statute barred I'd send that letter - let them prove otherwise

    Don't know anything about this DCA but agree that all contact should be in writing

    Good luck :D
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