DMP - what I have learned so far.....

Very close to setting up the dmp now (fingers crossed) with CCCS. For those of you considering the same route here are a few lessons I have learned so far (nb: others may disagree but this is purely based on my own experience):

1. If you are pretty certain you qualify for a DMP (plenty of FAQs to guide you) go straight to CCCS or Payplan DO NOT go through the National Debtline process. ND are lovely people and they helped me a lot but as far as I can see, going through them has simply held up things for a couple of weeks. I rang them, went through the figures, they wrote to me, went through the figures again (my query), I sent back the dmp pack, they rang me and went through the figures yet again. They wrote to me again with a form and a list of things to send to CCCS and said CCCS would ring me to go through the figures yet again!

I misunderstood that the tight budget agreed with ND would simply be accepted by CCCS but apparently not - CCCS will conduct their own separate review.

2. DO NOT AVOID YOUR CREDITORS. Answer the phone and tell them what you are doing at the very least. All my creditors have been pleasant and as soon as you mention a DMP with CCCS they are much more understanding. Most will suspend calls for at least a couple of weeks to give you time to sort things out. I did have one who rang me 3 days running but I simply said if they didn't listen to what I was telling them then I would refuse to answer the phone. I have also had 2 calls in work. I hung up, went into a quite room called them back, and demanded they remove my work number. I double checked they had the correct home number and said I had no problem with them ringing me at home that but under no circumstances must they ring me at work. Those calls have stopped.

Talk to them in the early stages - they see lots of people in the same position and are geared up to speak to you.

3. Creditors will listen to you but until you have a formal reference number (in my case still waiting from CCCS) they will explain that they will continue to add interest and penalties and they will continue to call you. That is even with a holding letter and token payment. The reference number is the key. Most creditors have told me they will treat me differently when they have the number because they have some people using setting up a dmp as an excuse to delay payments (the dmp sometimes never materialises).

4. Open a new basic account now....even if you are simply thinking about a dmp. It's free and easy to do (I did mine online with RBS). When you have done it then as soon as you possibly can get access online to your account and at least set up the ability to create Standing Orders. It makes the whole process of transferring and monitoring payments much easier. When you ring your priority debtors to change bank details some will do it there and then on the phone. Others will send you a form and it can take 2 or more weeks in thos cases.

5. Get letters and token payments to your creditors as soon as you can. I used postal orders. They are much more ameniable when you say you have sent them a payment (however small).

6. Be prepared for 2 dozen questions at the Post Office!!! Why do you want 13 POs? You do realise we charge for them? Don't you have a chequebook? Who are they for - there are other ways to pay people! (Actually she was lovely in the end and we chatted about caravans for the 25 mins it took to print them out :-))

7. Be prepared for huge mood swings (or is that just me) but whatever you do - KEEP MOMENTUM - do something every day. If it all seems too much break it down into chunks and make a list and keep going.

8. Keep reading this forum and keep believing that things have to get better.

Cheers and good luck for 2010 :beer:



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