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Free named car insurance???

edited 31 December 2009 at 2:50AM in Motoring
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Ash_VanguardAsh_Vanguard Forumite
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edited 31 December 2009 at 2:50AM in Motoring
Hi All
basically i wanted to put my lady as a named driver on my car insurance, i rang up more than and they said it would be just over £200 for rest of policy, i told her this and we waited till she got paid. i then rang up again and the guy on the phone put her on it and didnt even ask for payment, i have received the documents saying shes on it and no bill whatsoever
whats going on or am i lucky? :)


  • HintzaHintza PPR
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    Sshhhhhhhhh........your fairy godmother might be looking over you but I would hold my breath for at least a month.
  • mark5mark5 Forumite
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    They probably meant the premium for the rest of the year would be £200 not an additional £200.
    Unless your girlfriend is a high risk it normally works out cheaper to have them on your policy.
  • of course shes high risk she's a woman!
    just kidding, no she is provisional and they said it would be just over 200 to add her to the policy, its been over 2 months now. i would have come on here sooner but logging is is a !!!!!!! nightmare
    what i dont get is big companies like more than dont make mistakes
  • Yorkie1Yorkie1 Forumite
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    1. Have you checked the paperwork thoroughly to check her details, licence etc are properly recorded?

    2. Could they have meant that the excess if she was driving would be £200 more in the event of a claim?
  • CrabmanCrabman Forumite
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    Check your card/bank statement in case they simply used the same payment details as used initially to set up the policy. It could be they have debited the payment on the basis that you phoned up and accepted the quote given during the previous phone call. Sounds odd though. Even when I added someone to my policy they were very clear about how much they would charge and asked me to confirm I was happy to go ahead. That said you could just have been very lucky! :cool:
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  • dacouchdacouch Forumite
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    what i dont get is big companies like more than dont make mistakes

    Where did you get that from, all companies make mistakes and often the bigger the company the more mistakes. More Than definatetly make mistakes

    Has it occured to you that they have not billed you as they have not added her
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