Smelly Bunny - Help Please

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Smelly Bunny - Help Please

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d.o.o.gd.o.o.g Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving

we have a lovely white lop-eared dwarf rabbit called Cairo. He shares our house with us and has his own litter tray. The problem is, his tray gets very smelly very quickly and the only litter we've found that counteracts this is made from woodchips and is very expensive. He won't sit on a lot of odour remover cat-litters either, and sometimes he eats the litter, so we have to watch the chemicals.

We would like to use something cheaper and more environmentally friendly, like shredded newspaper, but it doesn't mask/remove the smell.

Anyone got any good tips?




  • Hazel2000Hazel2000 Forumite
    16 posts
    Hi there I have a dwarf rabbit that stays in the house too! I have the same prob Bugs (original eh!) uses a litter tray also, what i do is put down a couple of sheets of newspaper then a really thin layer of chippings then a couple of layers of newspaper again. I empty each day and give tray a rinse out when needed. As for the smell i find cleaning each day is the best. Does Cairo eat at your wallpaper and carpet?

    Hazel x
  • d.o.o.gd.o.o.g Forumite
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    I've not seen him eat wallpaper, but he loves our antique chairs :eek: and my shoes :mad:.

    Look at that, I gave you your first thank you :j

  • Lucie_2Lucie_2 Forumite
    1.5K posts
    Awwwww, you're making me want a new bunny, my poor Millie died last October (but she was nearly 6). She was a wire/cable chewer & we had to devise many ingenious ways of stopping her getting around the back of the TV!
    I've had male & female bunnies & the female didn't smell as much as the male, so maybe it's a gender thing. Regular changing of the sawdust in the litter tray was the only thing to get rid of the smell. If you line it with newspaper it makes it easier to keep clean.
    I always used to compost the used straw/sawdust from her litter tray & hutch too.
  • trutru Forumite
    9.1K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Photogenic
    Males are definitely smellier than females :D

    We buy wood based cat litter for our bunnies (actually it's bunny, the male died a couple of months ago :sad: ), it's the best thing IMO.

    I can't use newspaper - it gets chewed up in minutes :rolleyes:

    We've got chewed carpets, wallpaper and wires lol.
  • Is it the wood pellet ones that you use? I think that pets at home do big bags quite reasonably. Have you tried World's best Cat litter - the extra strength. It is expensive, but is clump forming, so you just remove solid bits - might be a problem if rabbit poos a lot - one of ours always has lots of poos and the other doesn't!

  • culpepperculpepper Forumite
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    How about sawdust? We used to get some lovely smelling sawdust for the kids gerbilariums . The pet shops do that in very big bags.
  • bulchybulchy Forumite
    955 posts
    I dont know anything about bunnies, but was wondering if they are like cats, you know how they say an entire cats wee smells stronger than a castrated one? Would this be the same for bunnies? Maybe it would be worth investigating, sorry if I'm wrong, was just a thought.
  • alec_eiffelalec_eiffel Forumite
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    We have a free range lagomorph (standard rex) - she doesn't have a cage or any of that malarky. In her litter tray we put a thin layer of bicarb of soda followed by sawdust which is pretty cheap especially if you can get a huge sack of it. Emptied everyday keeps the smell down.

    We tried a layer of newspaper in the tray too but she just kept pulling at it so she could chew it - rather messy!

    Yes we have chewed everything - carpets, chairs, clothing, wires etc. Bless.
  • bootmanbootman Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Have you trie Auboise?

    Its made from hemp core if I remember correctly. I buy a huge bale from a local farm shop. It's real use I think is for horses stables. It costs me £6.95 and lasts forever.

    I have found that it eliminates the smell really well.
  • d.o.o.gd.o.o.g Forumite
    342 posts
    Thanks for all the replies.

    Cario is neutered so that's not the problem ;) It'll prolongs his life by up to six months though apparently.

    Newspaper seems a good plan, but I suspect he'd pull it out of the tray.

    I like the idea of sawdust and bicarb though, that could be a lot cheaper. I'll look at the Auboise too.

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