Won't power - What will you not do in 2010?

I think it's fair to say that anyone who finds themselves with excessive credit card debt has made a fair few errors of judgement and rergetful purchases in the past.

So in 2010 it's as much about "won't power" as willpower in order to get a tight grip on our finances and hopefully not make the same mistakes again.

For me:

1. I won't make any impulse purchases. If I see something I want I will write it down on my "impulse purchase delay list" and wait at least a week before making a purchase. I have done this this year and found that I only purchased about 25% of items that I put on my list. One exception to this rule is of course items that won't be availible to purchase in a weeks time such as second hand items, special offers or clearance sales.

2. I won't own a constantly depreciating cash draining lump of rubber metal and plastic otherwise known as a car. I will use my motorcycle for personal transportation and hire a car on the few accoasions I absolutely need one.

3. I won't buy new when I can buy second hand.

4. I won't buy when I can borrow (goods not money).

5. I won't use or apply for a credit card or take out a loan.

6. I will plan out my spending for each day the night before and unless there are exceptional or unforseen circumstances won't purchase anything that is not on my list.

7. I won't buy a new computer. For the last fifteen years I have bought a new computer every three years and on this cycle am due a new one this year too. However my current computer does everything I ask of it and don't need another one for bragging rights only (My hard disk is bigger than yours!)

What won't you do?


  • tlc123_2
    tlc123_2 Posts: 161
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    I won't

    1. Use a credit card or take out another loan

    2. I will make a budget for every single month and keep a spending diary

    3 I won't buy on impulse

    4. I won't spend money for the sae of spending money

    5. I won't just accept the renewals for insurance etc, I will shop around

    6. I won't waste water and electric

    7. I won't be so overly generous for people's birthday and christmas!!

    Great post Asiacat, Thanks!

    T x
    Long Haul Supporter #203
  • Pinky15
    Pinky15 Posts: 916 Forumite
    I wont'
    - Make any purchases on ccard unless it's an absolute emergency
    - make minimum payments all will be over even if it is a few pounds
    - Just because it is a good deal doesn;t mean I have to have it
    - I wont shop without a list and meal plan

    I will
    - continue to internet shop then empty my basket before checkout!
    - Try and pay at least £100 over my debt per month
    - Take any overtime offered
    - Ebay unwanted goods in 2010
    - Use car boots for needed items which kids may grow out of quickly
    - Stick to a weekly budget cos if I do this I can afford to give up work in sept and take some time off with my kids - this is really what spurs me on and if we hadnt wasted money in the past I wouldnt have to work - but LBM lesson learned
    OP - great post thanks - Hope everyone has a lovely DFW Christmas!!!!:T
    Nov 2012 - Loan £1200, CC1 £1450
    CC2 £1300, CC3 £100
    Next £200

    I will get rid!!!!
  • catspaw
    catspaw Posts: 667 Forumite
    I won't: shop without a meal plan
    Go out with my cash card (only carry cash)
    Buy on impulse
    Agree to days out with friends if I can't afford it

    I will: clear all my debt (god knows how but I will)
    Leave my cash card at home
    make my cakes not buy them
    Stick to a budget
    shop around for insurance(using cash back sites)
    Proud to be dealing with my debt:eek:

    TOTAL: £6,437 (04/01/2013) slowly but surely it is decreasing:D
  • LilacPixie
    LilacPixie Posts: 8,052 Forumite
    I won't:
    shop without a list and mealplan
    spend money just because something is a bargain

    I will:
    Ebay unwanted items
    Overpay debts and mortgage if only by a few ££
    Earn more in 2010
    Cut grocery and energy bills drastically
    MF aim 10th December 2020 :j:eek:
    MFW 2012 no86 OP 0/2000 :D
  • I won't
    Buy on credit
    Turn down overtime
    Bury my head in sand
    Let my family down

    I will
    Get married
    Go on honeymoon
    Clear loads of debt
    Debt at LBM £19700 :eek:
    Arrears £4800

    :j married 14/08/2010 :j
    Date wife can move to live with me 28/02/2011 (date she can leave work for good) :beer:
  • tlc123_2
    tlc123_2 Posts: 161
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    woo I'll be getting married and going on honeymoon too!! high five!!
    Long Haul Supporter #203
  • Shoe_Gal
    Shoe_Gal Posts: 7,235
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    I won't buy anything I can't pay for with cash - cards are off limits :D
    Sometimes it's hard to walk in a single woman's shoes - that's why we need really special ones!
    Total debt @ Oct 2008: £29,226.42 Credit Card- £[STRIKE]7493.56[/STRIKE] - £7243.56
    Weightloss : 0/34lbs
  • I won't:

    -Book expensive holidays on my credit card (or at all!)
    -Eat out
    -Waste money on takeaways when I can't be bothered cooking
    -Put off trying to sell on Ebay any longer
    -Put back my debt free date again
    -Buy every magazine under the sun

  • MargB
    MargB Posts: 111
    Mortgage-free Glee! Debt-free and Proud! PPI Party Pooper Uniform Washer

    I won't
    1..... buy on impulse.
    2......shop without a list
    3......waste money on stuff I know I'll never use
    4......carry too much cash with me (then I can't be tempted)
    5......waste energy around the home
    6......leave the tv on when I'm reading/studying (one or the other, please)

    I'm sure I'll think of others

    nice posting...makes you really think about things
    Debts (incl Mortgage) at LBM (24/09/08) £102849 :eek: Now £0. DFD 1st July 2019
  • As I am a 'glass if half-full kind of person' I am turning my post into a positive. So here are the things I will do (as opposed to won't do)

    I will
    • post on the 'what small dfw thing have you done today?' thread daily
    • keep checking online banking and making sure I know what is going in and more importantly - what is leaving!
    • continue to work more than 1 job
    • make more than minimum payments on cc debt
    • try to mealplan for those days where I don't get to eat at work for free!
    :heartpuls CG :heartpuls
    Ever wonder about those people who spend £2 apiece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backward.
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