Static shock from sink tap


Yesterday I got a static shock :eek: from the sink tap in our newly fitted (by a company) bathroom.

I was brushing my teeth, and may have been something to do with what I was wearing etc, however I was just a bit concerned cos I thought this shouldn't happen - thought that everything in the bathroom should be earthed (and I know they did something along those lines but wasn't there for the whole time) :confused:

It was only a mild shock and I hope I am being silly and worrying unnecessarily here :o but just wondered if anyone could advise whether that was the case or not!

We are going to check with the people who fitted it too, but they have been rubbish getting back to us, so would rather know asap if it is likely to be dangerous.


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    Everything in the bath is probably correctly earthed.

    Unfortunately it is you that is not earthed until you touch the tap. Wearing synthetic fabric causes a static charge to build up in you/your clothes and the shock is from this discharging to earth.
  • geri1965_2
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    I used to get static shocks all the time, especially if I touched anything metal in a shop!

    A good way to cut down on it is to always put fabric conditioner in your washing, and I switched to anti static shampoo and an ionic hairdryer!
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    It's either as !!!!!! said - the static charge on you has dissipated to earth via the pipework, showing it is earthed OR a current in the pipework (from a wiring fault) has dissipated to earth via you.

    I suspect the first of those, as you wouldn't necessarily be around to type your post out if it were the latter (or your RCD would have tripped, saving your a$$).
  • ema_o
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    Thank you all, much appreciated. I was hoping I was just being silly :o
  • Canucklehead

    Your thread reminds me of this from '07.

    Ask to see CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering)
  • fox12
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    On a new bathroom installation you would normally get an installation guarentee. I would ask them to come round and just double check the earthing on the bathroom. Everything should cross bonded and they should have made sure your mains earthing bonding is up to regs. All mumbo jumo I know but thats what they need to check on
  • zax47
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    Supplementary bonding ("cross bonding") not required under 17th edition as all bathroom circuits must be RCD protected. Read your BRB! Main supply bonds (gas, water) must be in place and of correct size.
  • keystone
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    Yes it is bonding not earthing and its not required under the 17th as Zax says.

    However the OP didn't say if there were any electrical changes as part of the refit. If there were none then the installation would be to an earlier version of the Wiring Regs in which case the installer should have ensured that supplementary equipotential bonding for extraneous metal conductors was put in place for this install..

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