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Hello there Old Style Moneysavers,

I hope you don't mind me hijacking your board for what is essentially a crafting question, but I didn't know where else to post and I know how you lot don't like to see things go to waste.

A friend of my mothers knows I like cross-stitching and has gifted me a very large box of threads. However, I can see there are many colours in the box I will never use and I want to put them to good use.

All I can think of is making friendship bracelets and with this amount of thread I'd have thousands! Does anyone have any bright ideas of how I can use up all this thread in something? I think if it comes to it, I may very well Freecycle them.

Thanks for your time!


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  • Can you crochet?

    If you can then you can easily make garlands of little hearts using a small hook and this pattern: which would make a lovely decoration.

    I've got a sister at Uni and she's got the garlands round her noticeboard to tart up a shoe-box style room. They were soo quick to make.
  • I just used a bunch as ribbon for Christmas presents. It is especially good on little tiny gifts. And all the less Christmassy colours will work for birthdays, easter, etc. :T
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    If you are sure you arent going to use them may I suggest you approach an old folks home or a charity to see if they have a craft club? specially if the club used to raise funds. I am sure they would be delighted to have some threads for free!
    also church groups, brownies, etc could always make use of them.
    you can use threads in other projects ie cardmaking and scrapbooking oh and i got about a thousand threads from my cross stitching days - and can match a thread to any colour outfit if need to rehem or sew a button on - as all my family know!
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    If you decide to freecyle - would you consider gifting to a school local to here. A montessori school run on a shoe-string by parents for a bunch of fantastic kids.

    I've started teaching a few how to sew and some pretty threads would be wonderful to inspire them.


    PS My New Years Resolution is to learn how to ask for help graciously - and you are the first person I have plucked up the courage to ask, so even if its no, thanks for making me practice LOL
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  • If you can't use them all, then offer them to your local charity shop. Ours has a big box full on sale at the moment.
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    Do you know any practically minded anglers? I use odd bits of embroidery thread to lash the eyes onto floats that I make. I'm pretty sure it could be used to make fishing flies with too. You'd be surprised at the stuff the average fly tyer has in his/her bits box.

    Alternatively look up your local Freeworld-Recycling or Freegle group and offer it on there. I don't know if the charity shops would accept it now as they seem to be getting a bit picky over clothing realted stuff (it all 'has' to be washed etc which costs them).
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  • Thank you so much for all of your replies, I will definitely be giving those garlands a try.

    Memory girl, do you want to PM your address or that of the school? I'll send my unwanted threads up in an envelope. Your "asking for help" is working already! xx

    Finally a Homeowner 04.10.13 :j

    Frugal Living Challenge 2015 £958.70 / £12,000

    "So much to do, so much to see. So what's wrong with taking the back streets?"
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