MSE News: 'Scrooge' economist wants to limit Christmas gift giving

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"He says gift-giving should be limited to children and those you are in "frequent contact with", adding that ..."


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    I haven't read the full story, but no one will make me spend less than i do or buy for less people. I love buying people gifts and no one i buy for is pressured into buying back for me, in most cases, they don't. If people don't want to buy for as many people, then it's up to the individual people to sort it out, not for people to recommend we spend less!
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    well i am doing my bit to beat the ressesion by spending on gifts for christmas.

    We need to get the economy moving again and that means spending rather than hoarding every penny.

    As long as you can afford it then everyone else should butt out and let people enjoy christmas
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    I agree with not buying gifts because you feel you have to, rather giving them because you want to.

    The only people I'm buying for this christmas is my fianc!e, brother, parents (but only because i found something perfect for them and couldn't resist) and a few close friends. These are all people I see frequently and know rather well, so there's no guessing about what they would like.

    Being 22, I don't have any children around (my family is between generations) but I think children do enjoy it far more, and there's no stigma surrounding them about reciprocation.

    Personally I tend to agree with the article.
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  • I spend very little at christmas anyway as I buy in sales throughout the year!
    I only buy for 12 people, whom I'm close to and I buy for them because I enjoy it and choose to, not because I feel pressured into doing so!!
  • It is silly to spend a lot on people who have tons of stuff as the whole point of giving gifts is a token of your love for your friends and family. It all made more sense when most of us were poor and always in need of something important. I also try hard not to be manipulated by ads from companies who try and persuade you to part with more money than you need to.

    None of my nearest and dearest are materialistic and they don't judge people on how much they can afford to spend. We have agreed to spend no more than £20 on each other or £10 for friends.
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  • i totally agree with the article! I think people just go mad these days..people are just so materialistic and its not helped by all the ariticles in magazines touting 'perfect gifts for under £50' etc. It is putting an unrealistic expectation on the amount you have to spend on people and it all mounts up. People are already overspending through the year and most people dont save anywhere near what they spend on christmas each year. People just feel under such pressure these days with all the adverts on the TV to make it a 'perfect' christmas.. perfect being the best of everything, expensive food, tons of gifts, new sofa, new everything...

    I dont agree with not buying presents at all, but I definitely go for the 'buy for the children not for the adults' philosophy as by buying for peoples children, they know you are thinking about them and it frees them up from feeling obliged to reciprocate.

    This is my first proper christmas with my own child and it is magical, but it is not coz of the amount of presents he will undoubtably get, but its just the whole spirit of it and i've gone a bit old school and made a lot of my christmas decorations and fayre myself which is much more special than buying it all off the shelf..

    I dont want my son to grow up thinking christmas is only about gluttony and manic consumerism that puts most people in debt for the rest of the year.. i can hope!!

    However, if you have budgeted and saved and can afford to spend it then spend what you like- if you cant afford it its not the end of the world if little johnny doesnt get his i-pod touch and Jane misses out on the go-go pet craze is it?? ....
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