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My DD would like a guitar for Christmas. She has never played one before and I don't know what to buy. She is only 10 so I don't want to pay a fortune for one in case she doesn't take to it. Can anyone suggest a decent make, what type eg electric or not, and any good sites/shops to try?

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    our little one wanted one as well, got her a cheap one from asda for £12, enough to pay in case its something she doesnt get into.
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    I bought cheap ones from home bargains last year, they looked ok for my nieces, pink and purple. Trouble is they don't keep in tune which doesn't matter at the moment because they can't play but if they wanted to learn they would need better ones. I would suggest googling student guitar if she plans on taking lessons.
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  • I posted on here last week about a company called flight case warehouse based in my home town. They have an ebay page under the same name so delivery shouldnt be a problem, acoustic guitars for kids i think are from £20 + delivery. The have an excellent customer service and i have never had any problems with them when taking my son down to get his guitar restrung which they have done free for us as i dont have a clue about instruments.
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    If DD is serious and really wants to learn to play a guitar then you need to think about the ease of handling.

    She needs to be comfortable and able to reach the frets and stretch her hand around the neck without straining. A 10 year old with small hands will probably need a 3/4 guitar measuring just over 22 inches from the nut to the bridge - that means from where the strings start on the body to where the strings finish on the fret board.

    An 11 year old with big hands can probably manage a full size guitar.

    At first, the strings cut into the fingers, so it's best to find one with nylon strings and avoid steel strings.

    If she wants to play songs and tunes by strumming and picking (which most people do, as beginners) then you'll be looking at an acoustic or a classical guitar.

    Argos sell a 3/4 guitar that ticks all the boxes for under £30

    If she just wants to play rock-style riffs, you'll be looking at an electric guitar. The benefit of an electric guitar, as opposed to an acoustic guitar, is that she can plug a headphone into the amp and play away to her heart's content - and not disturb the rest of the house. The downside is that an electric guitar is too heavy for smallish children. It's bulky and cumbersome too.

    If she is going to teach herself, it might be worth thinking about getting her a beginners tune book, or a DVD, so that she can see how to hold the guitar properly and get comfortable. It will make all the difference and make it easier for her to learn. Children can be put off if they find it unwieldy and difficult - so a starter book or DVD will make all the difference on Christmas morning. She'll be playing Jingle Bells before it's dinner-time!

    The right size and strings will set her up for sure, so good luck with your search.

    Hope this helps.

    Just to add: If anyone is reading this and wants a recommendation for a better guitar, then I point you in the direction of the Vintage V300. It's well made, good quality, sounds good, easy to play, adult size and under £100 new, but it's worth looking for a second hand one on Ebay. Like these:
  • Thanks everyone. I now feel I know more what I'm looking for. I like the look of the Argos one but reviewers lament the lack of a case. So I had a look on ebay and have seen a 3/4 starter set with cover, DVD etc which seems like it might be a good one for my DD to start with.

  • Agree with Kay, my daughter has the Argos guitar and DH who plays himself and has quite a collection of really decent guitars tells me it is a pleasure to play!
  • My sister bought her husband a guitar last christmas and he's not picked it up yet. I thought I would buy him either a book or dvd on how to play the guitar. I have looked on amazon but there are hundreds. Can anyone recommend a book or dvd, thanks
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    Netto have them in stock at the moment, violins too!
  • Like I said in another thread get one from a local luth shop, don't pay for a fancy one in the internet. You could buy the kid something more suitable later.
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