Online self assessment - which bit of P60 to use?

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Hi all
My apologies if this sounds a bit thick...
I have to do an online self assessment but am confused about the bit which you have to fill in with details of pay from the P60 .... my P60 doesn't make it very clear...
I have 3 sections 'previous employment' 'this employment' and 'total for the year'.
Which amount must I use for the SA form? the amount shown in 'previous' and 'this' employment add up to 'total for year' but it says I should use 'this employment' for the form?

How come the 'total for the year' isn't used?
If I do as they say, and use 'this employment' the calculation shows I should get nearly 1500 back??? surely the company I work for couldn't have got my tax so badly wrong? I did have a change of code from 2007/2008 to my current one...

I'd be very grateful for any advice please!
Many thanks


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    You need to complete separate employment pages for each of the sets of figures - using the P45 data for 'previous' and the P60 (In this employment) for 'current'. As from the HMRC site :-

    Box 1
    Pay from this employment – the total from your P45 or P60
    Your employer must give you a record of your pay and tax. If you were working on 5 April 2009 you will get a P60 End of Year Certificate by 31 May 2009. Enter in box 1 the figure from the 'In this employment' box on your P60.
    If you left an employment during the year you will have been given a P45 Part 1A. Enter the figure from the 'Total pay in this employment' box of the P45 in box 1 on an Employment page for each employment. If you had more than one job in the tax year, your P60 may include the pay and tax details of an earlier employment. Put those details on another Employment page.
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  • Thanks Mikeyorks

    I've been with the same company for over 2 years so don't have the info from a P45...

    I will use the amount in 'this employment' - still wondering why I'm due a refund though...! oh well - gift horse and all that!

    Thanks for the reply...
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    Sorry - seemed the obvious inference from the fact there is data in the 'previous employment' portion of the P60? I think you need to resolve why the P60 is fragmented ** before you proceed - and if its that which is giving rise to a pseudo overpayment?

    If it subsequently proves the overpayment is incorrect (it's made based on the figures you provide - hence the 'self' in Self Assessment) - HMRC will want it straight back. I'd resolve the P60 issue first.

    ** Later ....... if you've had continuity of employment throughout the period covered by the P60 .... there should be no 'previous employment' to cause confusion? Has the company been taken over / your contract changed ... to the degree they've handled it by stopping / starting the payroll mid-year? whatever - I would resolve that before committing to a Return. If you're standard PAYE then a potential of £1500 refund from a P60 anomaly might sound like a 'gift horse' ..... but they'll likely want it back just after you've spent it!
    If you post all the P60 figs on here (Pay + Tax) ....... + Code Number ....... someone will proof it for you.
    If you want to test the depth of the water .........don't use both feet !
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