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Is anyone taking their OS hat off on xmas day?

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Is anyone taking their OS hat off on xmas day?

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OutdoorlassOutdoorlass Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
Just wondered, how many of us are going to take the OS hat off for christmas day?

I am contemplating it, I have 7 people for christmas dinner, they are all quite fussy, 2 veggies, 1 doesn't eat white meat, I am at a loss what to do for the meat, tbh we as a family want turkey as it don't feel like christmas without a turkey. But I really feel the pressure is on me, I don't really like cooking on xmas day, it always stresses me out, I could do without the hassle having to cook different gravy for people, not using goose fat for the roasties etc:rolleyes:

I am on the edge of thinking heck with it, and using frozen roasties and the prepacked vege packs from markises etc, but that is not OS is it:mad:

Anyone else having troubles?
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  • Why don't you ask them to help?
  • zippychickzippychick Forumite
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    Don't stress yourself Outdorrlass. I understand how stressful I find making it but I am trying to be ultra organised this year so have as little stress as possible. My stress comes from Mum screaming at me to open presents while im in the middle of cooking? :confused: Oh, and questioning what I'm doing, and not liking change in any way shape or form.

    Your choices are - try to accomodate everyone OS, and prep well in advance (btw, sunflower oil works a treat for roasties, just heat it up before putting on spuds:) )

    or just buy pre packaged to please people.

    At the end of the day, it's not worth getting in a tizz about or feeling guiilty. If it suits you better to buy pre packaged, then do just that and don't worry about it for a second!

    Make a decision soon so you aren't torturing youself, and just stick with it.

    I would also second asking people to bring something. Could the veggies team together and bring a nut roast? I don't think that's too much to ask. If i as a meat eater was going to an all veggie party, I wouldn't expect the host to cook meat just for me

    You could always let people know in advance what the menu is. For me, the person not eating white meat would be having the veggie option! Or if you buy a ham, just ham instead of turkey.

    if people are that fussy, they have to understand not every whim can be catered for and there has to be a bit of leeway and give and take. That's my opinion anyway!
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  • recovering_spendaholicrecovering_spendaholic Forumite
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    AT Christmas I always buy the ready prepared sprouts and use Sainsburys frozen TTD Goose fat roast potatoes (which taste AMAZING) , but everything else I do make from scratch. What I do is make the carrot and swede mash (I make it with Carrot, swede, parsnips, butternut squash and sweet potatoes) on Christmas Eve and then microwave it on Christmas Day. Oh yes - I also buy ready made gravy from Sainsburys or M&S.:o (only for Christmas Day though) I also make the sausagemeat stuffing on Christmas Eve and heat that up on the day too. If I were you I would still do my turkey and would buy a veggie roast for the veggies and maybe cook a small piece of pork or beef on Christmas Eve for the non-white-meat eater. I think that OS is great but if you have a stressful day and you can afford to, then its fine to take shortcuts!

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    OutdoorlassOutdoorlass Forumite
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    edited 30 November 2009 at 1:48PM
    Thank you both:cool:

    I am soo highly stressed about it all tbh, I don't do well cooking on xmas day, I dunno why, but everything ends up going wrong, I seem to spend all day in the darn kitchen, missing out on all the fun and precsious time with my kids.

    My guests come every year and they do try and help, but they don't know where anything is, or how to use my oven, hob and I end up getting that many questions fired at me, it stresses me out even more and its easier to just do it myself. Plus I am very prescious over my kitchen, its quite new and I treat it with a lot of respect and other people, just don't seem that carfeul, I don't wnat my worktops getting scratched or anything, sound sad I know, its just how I am:o

    I think I will just buy all pre-packed so I get chance to enjoy the day as much as everyone else seems to be able to. I really feel like just doing one meat and the veggies can just have the rest without the meat, its one less thing for me to do/worry about!
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  • Also - make ahead! Then you can just whip everything out of the freezer, make yourself a timesheet in advance - e.g. roasties in oven 2pm, carrots in oven 2.30pm then you don't even have to THINK on xmas day, all brain cells can be directed at pouring yourself a large G&T and relaxing...ahh...

    Check out this page

    A lot of the side dishes can be prepared then frozen weeks ahead of the day, there's a recipe on there for freeze ahead roasties (with the option of goose fat or sunflower oil)
  • I think I will just buy all pre-packed so I get chance to enjoy the day as much as everyone else seems to be able to. I really feel like just doing one meat and the veggies can just have the rest without the meat, its one less thing for me to do/worry about!

    As a veggie that sounds fine to me, let them know that if they want something they have to bring it and be in charge of it, that's fair enough
  • angukanguk Forumite
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    I think I'm going to do a mixture of shop bought and pre-prepared. I always cook the turkey and make the stuffing on Christmas Eve anyway but still find myself getting flustered cooking it all.

    When I was in Tesco last week I picked up a bag of "finest" frozen goose-fat roast potatoes, we had them last night and they were lovely. I think I'll get another pack to keep for Christmas while they're still half price at 99p.

    I'm also going to splash out on some ready prepared veg. I don't normally buy things like that but prepping sprouts and chopping swede seems to take so much time.

    I refuse to feel guilty about buying frozen or pre-prepared stuff any more, it's only once a year and will save me alot of hassle.
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  • Penelope_PenguinPenelope_Penguin Forumite
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    Just wondered, how many of us are going to take the OS hat off for christmas day?

    Not at all - Christmas Day is like my End of Term Show :j DH and I cook up a storm together in the kitchen, and helpers are always welcome ;)

    There really is no shame in ready prepared stuff :D it's meant to be enjoyable, after all :T

    Penny. x
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  • My mum in law actually cooks the turkey on Christmas Eve to make things a bit easier/less stressful for her.

    I've never made Christmas dinner as we take it in turns to visit each set of parents for Christmas, but if I was and if it was for more than four people, I would have absolutely no hesitation in buying some sneaky Aunt Bessie's to make it a bit easier!

    Ask someone to bring a starter and someone else to bring a pudding. If we are asked round a friend's house for dinner, I always ask if they'd like me to bring a pudding or anything and am only too pleased to be able to help out, I'm sure your family would be the same.
  • pigpenpigpen Forumite
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    I'd ask the veggies to bring something they would like as a meat substitute.
    I'd use the water from the veggies for their gravy and some granules.

    I usually do 2 meats anyway so a smallish turkey and some lamb/beef/venison or veal if you are feeling generous .. what about duck or goose? Would they eat those? .. eek.. tangent.. I'd do the turkey and say, beef and use the juices for meaty gravy. This person I'd ask to bring dessert.

    Anyone not bringing something can bring wine :D

    Veggies.. I hate roasties.. so would do frozen ones for them that does. New potatoes with butter and garlic for them that don't and a big dish of mash.

    Green in one pan, cauliflower in another (maybe make it cauliflower cheese for veggies?), carrot in another.

    Yorkhires wouldn't last 2 minutes in here annyway.

    Save any left over gravy/veg/meat for a casserole for the next few days.. all hauled in a pan.. inc the mash as it makes it lovely and thick..
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