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Christmas Buffet ideas

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  • TrowTrow Forumite
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    What leftovers (if any) are you likely to have from Xmas Eve and Xmas day? We might be able to figure out things to use up what you already have in the house.

    What about crudities to go with the dip - chopped up carrot, pepper and cucumber is cheap!

    Home made coleslaw or potato salad
    Pasta salald
    Rice salad
    Home made chicken nuggets - or turkey nuggets if you are having turkey? - just take the cooked meat, coat in egg and breadcrumbs, cook (shallow fry/grill/oven cook) till hot through.
    Vol au vents - you can buy the cases, and make a white sauce with mushrooms, add leftover turkey, voila! If you need a veggie version - add more mushrooms to some of the sauce and leave out the turkey.
  • I've had a look on the BBC good food website. There is a honey and lemon chicken recipe that can be made in advance and frozen and relatively cheap if you can get chicken breasts on offer. There is also one for Lamb Koftas which again looks easy and relatively cheap (I already have loads of spices etc). There is also some xmas day left over recipes I think too. I seem to recall one that is a fritater (sic) using left over veg and roasties.
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    zippychickzippychick Forumite
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    Mini pasties (cheese & onion)
    Pastry squares with tomato and cheese melted on?
    Cheese straws

    Edit - A big block of cheese?can you tell i like cheese?
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  • Trow.... We will be having pork and stuffing rolls for xmas eve and Turkey for xmas day so will be loads of meat left over from both days.

    Many thanks for the replies.

    I will definatly be making my own Coleslaw & Cheese straws

    I have some left over cheese and a block of puff pastry in the fridge that needs using up so will try to make the cheese and onion mini pasties today...Fingers crossed they will turn out ok....Thanks for the ideas Zippy chick

    Also I have just found a recipe for Voluvant case so will give them a go today aswell ... if I make these today do you think they will be ok to freeze and just heat up on the day? Thanks for the filling ideas Trow.

    Will just go and have a look at the bbc website .. Thanks for that Motherhen.
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  • floss2floss2 Forumite
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    Why not ask your guests to bring a dish to a 'shared table' buffet? Then you are not hit with the whole cost of entertaining your family at an expensive time of year...?
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  • sassybluesassyblue Forumite
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    dips: natural yoghurt and mint sauce mixed together

    satay dip: peanut butter, coconut milk & ginger

    humous dip: can chickpeas, ginger, garlic, coriander, lemon juice

    mango chutney & mayonnaise
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  • PetlambPetlamb Forumite
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    As a point, tesco/asda/sainsburys all do their value/SP/basic tortilla chips and theyre really quite tasty, when all they really are is edible spoons for dip, arent they?!
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  • instead of expensive brandy butter, why not make some vodka margarine, like eddie from Bottom?
  • ubamotherubamother Forumite
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    All sorts of bready things can be cheap and filling and make the table look very full:
    wraps can look good, be cut to go further, and filled with salads/leftovers very cheaply. The wraps are often on BOGOF as well, and keep for ages if you don't open the pack.
    Garlic bread is always a winner and pretty cheap to make - you could do it in advance and freeze.
    Homemade flat breads? Foccaccia style breads? Bagels?

  • shellsuitshellsuit Forumite
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    Sandwiches or wraps (ham/cheese and onion/egg and cress/tuna and sweetcorn)
    chicken goujons
    mini spring rolls with sweet chilli dip
    mini pizzas
    cocktail sausages
    cheese and pineapple on sticks (YUM!)
    home made sausage rolls
    garlic bread
    potato wedges with sour cream


    potato salad

    pasta salad




    fruit salad

    God I love nibbly buffet food LOL!
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