Our missing cat has just appeared in the garden....

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    8 years ago our neighbour stole our cat, we went round to get him back and they denied it, saying they've never had a cat. Mr troo stuck his head round the door and saw a big cat basket and a food bowl :mad: Another neighbour said they definitely had him, they'd seen him going in and out the house. A few weeks later cat-thief neighbours went away for the weekend and my next door neighbour found the cat in her garden, he was almost dead. We took him to the vet and was told he had cat flu and would probably die. Cat-thief neighbours came home and we marched round there and they said 'oh we knew he was ill and thought he'd probably be dead by the time we got back'. Anyway he didn't die and they stole him again. We moved a few weeks later, the nice neighbour kept an eye out for him but never saw him again.

    THREE YEARS LATER, the cat jumped through our window :eek: I nearly threw him straight back out til I realised who he was.

    How did he know where we were? And how did he get here?
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    troo wrote:

    THREE YEARS LATER, the cat jumped through our window :eek: I nearly threw him straight back out til I realised who he was.

    How did he know where we were? And how did he get here?
    Did he stay with you? How far did you move? Perhaps your cream was better than elsewhere?! :confused:;)
    Torgwen.......... :) ...........
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    Yes, we've still got him :D

    We only moved 1 1/2 miles.

    Our neighbour here is a cat thief too. She has 2 living in her house, one is ours and the other belongs to her neighbour on the other side. She buys fresh chicken and fish for them :eek: A cat from over the back has starting visiting her daily so she'll probably pinch him as well :rolleyes:

    Our wanderer cat goes round, eats the food, swipes at her if she tries to stroke him and then comes back home :rotfl:
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    Its not that cat that chased a bear up a tree .. twice .. the bear only came down after the owner called the cat in :D The story is here

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    hahaha that's hilarious :rotfl:

    Ours will go for dogs - and the dogs are scared of him - but is terrified of rabbits :D
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    At my last house, I had neighbours who weren't really very nice. They had a pitbull terrier that used to bark all the time. Once, one of my cats strayed into their garden and was sitting under their hedge. The dog went for my cat and bit his neck. His tooth caught in my cat's collar and came loose.

    The dog was old and the neighbours thought he couldn't deal with an operation to remove the tooth, so they got the dog put down. And blamed me for killing their dog.

    None of mine wear collars any more, but I wonder if the dog would have killed my cat if it hadn't been for the collar.
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    thats great quackers that you have seen your cat again i have a few cats of my own but i have been adopted by a big black and white cat from down the road
    i couldnt go anywhere but he would follow me then he started sleeping in the shed and just wouldnt go home i took him in one snowy night and hes been here since his owners are fine about it and he runs away from them when they see him
    in turn i had a ginger and white cat who moved next door the lady had ms and always had the fire on and when they moved house spike went too and follows her dh like a dog so i guess they just please themselves
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    Quackers wrote:
    ......but she went missing 7years ago :eek:

    Where has she been? I'm all confused & we are all gobsmacked.

    She has obviously been well looked after and is wearing a collar.

    It is definately her as when she was a kitten she got attacked by a dog and has a huge scar across her face and a mis-shapen mouth.

    She keeps sitting on our wall at the bottom of our garden :D It's ever so nice to see her again & my girls are really pleased:T

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

    Our cat went missing 6 years ago, I hope she comes back!
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    Cats are astoundingly good at adopting people. Two of ours have left home over the past 3 years but we've spotted both of them in the garden on occasion, so I'm guessing they're with local people.

    Our littlest one also disappeared in April while we were on holiday and they were being cared for by a friend, and she turned up 3 weeks later with a mashed leg; broken bone and dislocated tendons. She's had 2 operations and is currently residing in a cage in one of the bedrooms with a metal contraption sticking out of her leg while it heals. She's not very happy about it, but it's going to be a while before it can come off and she can start getting back to normal.
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    We have one missing cat from a number of years ago, wonder if it will come back now after reading this :o

    On one occasion our little black cat was missed for several days when quite small, my daughter was staying away at the time and I was dreading having to tell her.

    The night before daughter was due home she suddenly appeared at the back door, very hungry and tired when I let her in. Its a glass back door and the pc sits near it. About half an hour later I saw an identical black cat just sitting at the back door and nearly let it in the house, had to go and find my own just to check. My cat came to the back door with me and the two cats just sat and looked at each other through the glass then the other black cat just disappeared into the night.

    I found it all quite spooky, it was almost as if this other black cat had brought mine home :)
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