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This is an alternative thread to the Free Cinema Tickets thread, as Seefilmfirst and other companies are branching out more and more into the Theatre/Comedy world. Please continue to post cinema codes in the Cinema Tickets thread, but any theatre etc should now go here.

What's the deal?

There are a host of hidden companies that allow you (and a friend) to see theatre/comedy for free. These agencies work as publicists with the intention of getting people to spread the word about the events they see, or filling up gaps in the theatre last minute. It's good psychology, after all if you've seen something for nothing, you may be more favourable to it - meaning your friends may pay to see it.

The Main Agencies

The following are the main agencies, sign up to their email addresses so you'll be notified of the screenings. Be aware that you're likely to get some 'third party' promotional stuff through to the same address, that's the price you pay. You could use a second e-mail address for this sort of material; many freebie hunters do this as a matter of course. You can set up a Hotmail or Gmail account in minutes, just be sure to check it occasionally! (see this week's gmail tip for info)
  • SeeFilmFirst. SeeFilmFirst offers the most tickets. It also distributes tickets to third-party promoters, and when there are some tickets left afterwards, it allows you to claim them too (if you're quick enough!)
How do I then get to see a play or event?

When events become available, you'll recieve a code in your email which you can use to redeem tickets on the relevant website. Just type it in and follow the on-screen instructions to claim tickets. You'll usually get two tickets for each screening. They're non-transferable, so if you want to swap them you'll need to change the booked name by email.

See latest codes reported below

Many people publish the latest codes for theatre/comedy/dance events below (wonderfully kept in order by MoneySaver Heatherw_01), to use them you need to be registered with the above sites anyway. This thread is just for codes, if you want to discuss offers go to the Free Theatre and Concert tickets discussion thread.

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    Hi Everyone

    As some tickets now have a small admin fee its still better to keep them on this thread so more people see them and people that are subscribed will get alerts for them.

    I know its not technically 'free' but the same could be said for some posts on the cinema codes board that need subscriptions but it was decided a long time ago to allow them on the freebies thread.


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    Free tickets to a London Theatre Show

    I don’t know how many tickets they are giving away, a radio show I listen to are giving away two free tickets to their annual variety show

    It features acts that have been on the radio show – they are all professional acts. Some of them are famous like Alabama 3 [they wrote the theme song to the TV show The Sopranos]. They have listed 3 of the 9 acts that they have on, one is a circus skills act [wheel/contortion] and another is an escape artist.

    All you have to do to get the tickets is join their FB group and then PM the group’s admin for the tickets

    Show is Thursday 7th February in Central London

    As I said I don’t know when the offer is over as it doesn’t state that, just says ‘limited offer’

    The link:

    Happy hunting
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