Dog Walker/Beauty Therapist?!

Hi all,

As I'm planning for my next move, I'm seriously considering the'll be a change of career (not that I've much of the moment I'm an administrator), fancy to work for myself and possible part-time hours. I'm aware of the drop moneywise but now think that doing something I enjoy and love outweights it all;). I also understand the insurance that I need to take out for both of the work and wouldn't mind investing to do it properly. Also, I figure I need to learn some skills to be able to take with me anywhere I go and earn some spare money for myself.:p

For dog walking, I've expereince in handling dogs as I'm caring for 3 myself:rolleyes2, will be willing to go for some short courses e.g. first aid perhaps to have it under my belt. As for beauty therapy, I'm about to enrol on lots of different short course to cover the basics e.g nail, eye lash perm/extensions, tanning, massage etc..

So, my question is if there is anyone out there that is doing the same in the barracks for other wives? If so, how did you find it? I just figure both dog walking and beauty treatment will be in demand i.e. when hubby on tour and if wives work then no one to look after doggies and also the numerous functions there are for some pampering sessions etc..just make sense. Can anyone share your thoughts on what I need to be careful before getting started?

Thanks in advance!
Pinklover xx


  • There are a few poeple that do the beauty theapy thing with great sucess and some have managed to rent a room on camp or in the familes centre for very little.

    The other one to offer is house sitting either while people are away or waiting for MHS to come!
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    im not sure about daog walking etc but i know acouple of wives who do beauty and spray tans and seem to do ok with it. They advertise with cards through doors, facebook ,word of mouth etc. The girl who does my tan does "specials" before wives dos, balls etc like nails and tan together for a special price.

    I think it can work, do you know if anybody else is doing it already where your going tho? Dont know if you get the families journal theres an article in there this issue about wives starting their own business, might be worth a look
  • Dog walking is popular especially if you will "pop in" when people are out for the day etc. You can get insurance if the dog u are walking gets attacked or vice versa, if the dog is lost that sort of thing.
  • Thanks for all the input! Well, I'm not planning to start for sometime yet as I need to enroll in some courses for the beauty side of things so am just planning ahead. We've no idea where the next place might be, though we did ask for Germany and should be finding out in around April time. Where I'm at the mo, there is someone doing it which I've only just found out through the wives newsletters! I think there are many suitable channels for advertising for it in around camp and also at the local village etc.

    I'm being realistic, as I know it won't earn me lots but at least I get to spend time at home with my dog and work for myself at the same time! Just hope not too many people offering those services whereever I'm moving to next!

    P.S Just wondering since we don't have children and always have a spare room, can I use that room for say a beauty treatment room? Do I need special permission to do that?
    Pinklover xx
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    yea you would need permission to do this, its in your tenancy licence. You need to obtain written consent to do so
  • Thanks for the tip, so will it be easier if I bring my mobile equipment to their house and do the treatment? need to research more on this I think..
    Pinklover xx
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