T-mobile, worst customer service?

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Well as I type this I've been on hold to T-mobile for 34 minutes waiting to get through to their cancellations department! :mad:

Had a contract with them for 11 months of a 12 month contract. The signal is rubbish, so I've not even had the sim in use for the last 8 months while I waited for the point I could cancel the contract. Was advised months ago I had to wait until 30 days before the contract end, however as I'm claiming some cashback via a retailer deal it's lessened the blow.

Anyway, just wanted to say how BAD the customer service is. I've had to hunt high and low just to get a phone number to call them on, now I spoke to someone 25 minutes ago who immediately said I had to be transferred to another department but he would wait on the line with me. Ha ha ha, well hope he's enjoying the hold music as much as I am as we've just clicked over to38 minutes now.... what a complete waste of my time!

Annoyingly, I'm logged into their website and I can administer my account to change address and all sorts of other things but you cannot end your contract online.

Oh great, here comes "Lady Gaga" on the hold music for the 5th time.... :rolleyes:


  • Probably quicker to go into a T-Mobile shop if you have one nearby.
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    The nearest one is 10 miles away, sadly it'll be closed by the time I finish work.

    Also, the phone call was cut off after 1 hour on the phone! :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    I cancelled at the end of my 12 month contract. Gave them 1 months notice. However unknown to me they uncancelled my cancellation and issued me with a bill for a full month. On phoning they claimed I had accepted an offer on a new phone and contact. I imparted the imformation to them that perhaps they were mistaken, (and words to that effect). They agreed and backdated the cancellation to when it should have been. Couple of days later I get a message that I owe them £2.12 for overusage on my final month. Fair enough however they demaned it had to be paid there and then or else. I paid. A week later I get a statement showing that in fact they owe me £20+. I phone they tell me it will take 10-15 working days to return the money.

    Bunch of useless people really.
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