Train 4 Trade ... Help I need to CANCEL!

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I signed up for an electrician course with Train 4 Trade skills [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]. Anyway, it took me a week to realise that spending £4000 on something I can't even spare any time for and probably don't even need to do, may not have been a good idea!!!

Anyway, I thought I was stuck with this now, having to cough up about £110 a month for the course as I'd passed the 7 days 'change your mind' deadline. However, having looked around the web, I noticed some people doing the plumbers course with the same company are saying that you have 21 days to cancel!

If this is the case then I have another 4 days to do something? Does anyone know if this is true and if so, what do I need to do?

Please help me someone!!! This is one of the biggest mistakes I've made :(


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    I wrote to the credit agency (Barclays Partner Finance) and to Train 4 Trade. Train 4 Trade wrote back within a few days saying it was not a problem and that I needed to send back all my course materials to ensure refund of deposit which I did so today. They even provided a FREEPSOT address. Thats great :)

    Barclay's Finance however, told me I'd missed the deadline by 2 days so I could'nt cancel!!! I immediately rang them up and the lady on the phone told me that they'd sent me a refusal letter but had since received a cancellation letter from Shneigger (or something similar who actually do the finance) and that due to this, my reuest to cancel had been accepted and a letter would be sent out to me today. In her own words she said 'Don't worry sir, I can gurantee 101% your agreement has been terminated' ..... What a releif!!

    I now await the confirmation letter with anticipation! I have just saved myself from a BIG mistake. Please don't get me wrong, I am not in anyway saying Train 4 Trade is a scam, only that it was not for me and I'm glad I managed to sort it out before I got really stuck!
  • Confirmation letter arrived today!!! YIPEE :):):):):):):):):):)
    Thank you for all those who helped!
  • i do not know to much about it but there is no button to post my message how can i post a question? hope somebody see this
  • so this must be it , i have made an agreement with trade 4 game and i have to pay 5000 £ with i do not have and i made an credit loan to barclays but this is not what i want so i need to cancel this mistake and i am in the 7 days cancellation period . I do not know if it is a standard cancelation form or it is something i need to write and send to trade 4 game next to the materials they give me and after if i must call barclays or the trade 4 game is going to call them (with im affraid they not going to do it) please help and sorry for my english thank you
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    Remember that cancellation is effective on the day you post, deliver or email your cancellation – not the day the trader receives it. So send by recorded post or registered email, keep copies of what you send and proof of postage. If you send by Royal Mail recorded use Post Office Tracker website to confirm delivery and who signed for letter, save a copy of that too.
  • hi ALL I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO cancel train 4 trade be4 it to later to a sing up on the 25/5 how do it now
  • Did everything work out for you guys? My firend needs to cancell his course but they wont accept this and say that he still needs to pay for the course. What are the addressess that you wrote to?
  • I have started an electricians course 7 months ago and have now found myself in some serious financial difficulties in which i cannot afford to keep paying for the course, also i have not had the time to even start the course as of yet. In phoning up to enquire about cancelling i was briefly told that i have a loan agreement and that there is no way out of this. Please can anybody give me some advice of to how i can cancel this Train 4 trades course which i also recommend nobody take on as it is not successful as the picture they paint

  • so i took up the electrician course but i realised that i didnt have enough money to pay for it or enough time although i didnt ring them to say i couldnt do it and the person told me okay i'll come to your house with the paperwork yet he didnt turn up and its been 7months i think, am i still able to cancel it because this is ridiculous because i told the man told cancel the course for me and he said okay but he didnt turn and it has really annoyed me since i got a letter from the career development finance people saying that they cant take any money out from my account
  • ...takes a deep breath...
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