Sainsburys half price toys... Please read! IM SHOCKED!

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I wanted to get my boy some toys for this xmas and next and also for his birthday and also for some friends and spent £300 I wanted to pick up on some shocking things today.

1/ The amount of customers that pick up stuff and then just put it on the floor, why not put the item back where you got it?

2/ The idiot customer that i noticed takin toys out of other customers trollys and then having it.

3/ The people that push into you and do not say sorry or just want to run you down.

4/ I saw one customer tell staff to check for more of the item they wanted and said something like "its your job to refill these shelfs"

I went to 3 stores today.

Enfield, Wandsworth and A3 near M25 and the shocking was the Wandsworth store. I spoke to a manager as he had to help the staff with bad customers and he said that he was shocked to the rudeness of people.

On a good note. The manager said they was getting 2 artics (52 euro plts a day) for the next week so there will be loads of toys. you dont need to rush!

Cheers. MY rant over.


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