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  • prowla
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    It still amazes me that they are saying "we claimed within the rules", when clearly they weren't.
    At best they had formed a little collaborative cartel that colluded to circumvent the rules.
  • dancingfairy
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    I'm not sure which appaling system you want changed -I'm guessng the tax credits system but it sounds like they are both in need of changing really.
    I also doubt that the MPs will suffer hardship in order to repay the money whereas those who overpaid tax credits may have to.
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  • Well said, no sympathy from HMRC even when you tell them you don't want the money. Still getting claim forms (x2) even though we have told them year on year we are not entitled.
    Some MP's owe nothing, so somebody in Westminster understands reasonable
  • lowbrim
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    What is the betting that a few of the MP's raise a legal challenge to avoid paying expenses back!! Of course it will all be at the taxpayers expense paying for top lawyers etc etc.

    They don't live in the real world. We go on about corruption by politicians in third world countries but our politicians are no better. We get one chance to vote every 4-5 years and once they are in they fill there boots!! When are their gold plated pensions going to go up to 65 before they can draw them and the generous final salary converted to a contributory pension?

    All we want is a level playing field and politicians to lead by example is that really too much to ask?
  • beer_tins
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    Tax credits aren't the only example. There are many cases where HMRC - or another government body - move the goal posts and then apply charges retrospectively. Just ask any self employed person, for a start. I would hope that the same MPs who complain about the unfairness of retrospective charges due to rule changes would also seek to have this practice ended with regards to other laws. I won't hold my breath, though.
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  • landsker
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    They made the rules themselves, the "official" administrative body is employed directly by themselves (NOT independent, therefore), all to ensure they made more money for their greedy troughing snouts.
  • zygurat789
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    The rules are, and have been, in place for a considerable time and are regularly used by HMRC, businesses and accountants, why should MPs have created their own special and favourable set of rules?
    Claiming interest for a mortgage which you don't have just has to be either fraud or theft, aren't these crimes which the police HAVE to investgate?
    The only thing that is constant is change.
  • This year my company didn't make a lot of money, so rather than fire anyone, we ALL took a 10% paycut, except my MD who took a 27% pay cut.

    Since the governement and the other "ya ya boo" wasterels in parliament have lost the country BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS in the last year alone, perhaps they can take a pay cut proportional to the losses they incurred the taxpayer? :T

    I would dearly love to publicly address the pigs on behalf of the other animals on the farm and explain that they are NOT more equal than us!
  • I love this blog :T
    just what DH and I have been saying for weeks. I'm now waiting to hear from my MP (not on the list of scandalous claimants) to see if she will help with apparant £3000 overpayment which we claimed legitimatly and were paid under the given rules.

    We didnt twist those rules in order to gain hundreds of thousands of pounds, property and to avoid paying other taxes.

    We claimed legitimatly and just so happened to have a lot of changes (they were informed of within the rules) in that year. They really have no idea how the goal posts are moved every year for thousands of tax credit claimants so why should they be any different.

    I just can not believe some of them are airing their view on TV and radio, refusing to pay and some talking about legal action. Whilst at the same time announcing pay freezes on public servants, bailing out banks instead of the working man.

    It makes their "Targeting Benefit Theives" campaign such a two faced sham.
  • baz_chaz
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    MP's ........ they still don't get it do they :mad:
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