We have 2 children aged 7yrs & 4yrs. We are looking to take them to Toronto in Jan or Feb next year.

Has anyone had any experiece of going this time of year. I know it is going to be cold but i'm not to bothered as my 4yr old dosn't cope with heat too well.

How long should we stay for 1wk or 2wks? Is there enough to do to entertain my children for 2wks.

Any advice will be welcome.


  • SallyD
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    I have Toronto on my Agenda for later this year, early next, so any info would be greatly appreciated.

    I recall seeing an ad for cheap flights to Canada - Zoom Air I think. Anyone used them? Saw ad from £99?
  • SEK_2
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    Another question.

    Is it worth hiring a car or is it fairly easy to get about?

  • fairylights_2
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    We've just come back from Toronto/Montreal, and would highly recommend them both.

    I think if you're going to be in Toronto, then it's probably worth having a car for a couple of days to go see Niagara, at the very least. Otherwise the city itself is REALLY accessible. It has underground tunnels too so on bad weather days you don't have to go outside much at all (at least in the newer part of town!)

    There's lots to do, and with small kids you can spread it out over a few days. (I can recommend the Hockey Hall of Fame - you can even try to score a goal yourself! :rotfl: )

    We went with Canadian Affair. Flight out was horribly delayed, and the flight staff weren't great, but then, that's Thomas Cook for you. It cost £460 for the two of us Gatwick to Toronto then home from Montreal, which was by far the cheapest that I'd found.
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  • Lob_Rockster
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    it will be COLD
    but in the city you have P.A.T.H. so you can largely get around underground

    The Falls will have NO queue but will be COLD and may actually have the flow controlled. I've been in December and I cannot stress how COLD it was

    The kids are likely to be impressed in the tower. There's a burger-type place on the level below the revolving restaurant....take the lift as if you're going to the restaurant and then go down the stairs one level. There are transparent panels you can stand on and look down the tower.

    It is worth getting a car as it's much more efficient than using public transport - especially with kids and their gubbins.

    I don't know what there is to do with kids but it's a great city for adults. I guess a trip to the ACC to see a hockey game is not that interesting for a two-year-old?
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  • nelly_2
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    Get a meal at the top of the CN tower its great.

    We spent 3 days at niagara they have a theme park thats got real hands on animal stuff. You can feed fish, stroke baluga whales and feed bears too.
  • cheekymole
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    Nelly, what's the name of the theme park please?

    We're off next Friday for 2 weeks. We've hired a car, staying in the Villager Lodge for two nights at Niagara and staying at the Studio7 near Toronto for the rest. We're flying with Mytravel (canadian affair) from gatwick and have upgraded to premium class costing £1000 for 1 adults and 1 child.
    The accomodation we have chosen is self catering (looks like a travelodge type but with a kitchen)
    We have alsorts planned but not sure if all things will beopen in January.
    We're ahving a meal up the CN tower for my birthday and in true MSE style I've bought a dress for £3.50 from M&S (bargain)
    I will let you know when I get back how it all went and I can pick up loads of leaflets to send to you if you like?
    I haven't got one!
  • dixie_dean_2
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    Hi Air Transat booked through Globespan are another really cheap option as well as Zoom. They are probably better than Zoom. However, at that time of year the scheduled airlines, ie BA and Air Canada should be quite competitive. 1 week or 2 is fine, maybe 10 days is perfect.
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  • 2mkay
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    ;) i went couple of years back with my sister and we stayed for a couple of days and ran out of time to go to other places. there is loads of places to see, CN tower, niagra falls and the massive shopping centre is a must see. there is the canadian parliment and gallery, the big dome next to CN is quite a sight as well, you can also cross over to USA via niagra falls , which we never got chance to go!

    the weather is usually cold as we went in march and it is was raining but that never really spoilt it!! just be prepared with the light jacket! ;)
  • polarbearit
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    We spent 14 days in Toronto area last summer...
    5 days in Toronto
    2 days at Niagara
    1 night at the 1000 island area (very pretty, but will be cold)
    3 days in Montreal
    2 days in Ottawa
    1 night at Peterborough (about an hour from Toronto, a quiet place, ideal just before we left)

    Was a great holiday and enjoyed by our 2 and 6 year old. No car needed in Toronto, but we did have a car for the rest of the holiday :) Pics here
  • zappahey
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    cheekymole wrote:
    Nelly, what's the name of the theme park please?

    Niagara itself is like Blackpool on steroids. Check out prices before you sit down to eat, it can be mildly embarassing to walk out of restaurants that are ripping you off :)

    Go a block or two off of the main drag to find decent, reasonably priced restaurants.
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