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MSE NewsTory Conference: Pledge to curb wheel clampers

This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Cowboy clampers will be driven out of business by a future Conservative government, shadow transport secretary Theresa Villiers pledged today ..."


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    End of the article says BPA have agreed to respond to their critics, except its been a week or more since BPA last posted despite logging on regularly to read the thread inbetween times.

    So far they have made unsubstantiated legal claims (about precedents regarding the Registered Keeper being financially liable), appear to have said its OK for clampers to immobilise disabled drivers (despite it breaching the clampers SIA licence), refusing to condem fraudulent Parking Control Notices by their members or their members not adhereing to their code of conduct (e.g. in their NTOs to Registered Keepers). They haven't responsed about Windor's council's threat to issue ASBOs to clampers, Its been reported that BPA claim they are unable and unwilling to investigate complaints by members of the public against clampers because they are a "Members Service Organisation".

    All in all, so far an unmitigated PR disaster for BPA.
    Originally Posted by shortcrust
    "Contact the Ministry of Fairness....If sufficient evidence of unfairness is discovered you’ll get an apology, a permanent contract with backdated benefits, a ‘Let’s Make it Fair!’ tshirt and mug, and those guilty of unfairness will be sent on a Fairness Awareness course."
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    Failure to rebut is taken as acceptance.
    Unless they rebut soon they are agreeing.
  • Forget trying to define "Cowboy". Ban them all.
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    "Theresa Villiers said today she was going to do jack all about clamping in England" is more accurate.

    Cowboy Clampers driven out of business what a joke. Just say it will be banned and anyone using them will be committing an criminal offence so the police can actually do something.
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