BFPO address how to earn extra cash

Hi everyone

This is my first post so be gentle with me!!

We have about £6000 on a credit card due to costs incurred when we moved to Cyprus due to poor Euro/sterling rate everything surprisingly expensive!! (Didn't realise we could get an advance on pay until too late) the 0% deal due to end Dec.

I am not working at moment, so can't apply for a new card. Hubby tried to apply for one, but no UK address so won't be considered. :mad:

Can anyone suggest best option?

Also was interested in trying to earn a bit of cash, but have also fallen foul of 'no UK address' - spoke to Avon yesterday, and they won't employ me ( mind you the guy I spoke to kept insistently asking me what country Cyprus was in - was it in Greece!!) :rotfl:

Had a look at some of the mystery shopper on line websites - same problem.

Any ideas would be gratefully received!! :confused:


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