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I have a small london flat and I haven't been paying for water for the last 3 years! I kind of knew I probably should be, but I never got any letters.

So, can anyone tell me how far back the water people are allowed to ask for back charges? Or do I have to bite the bullet and accept 3 years of charges in one go. What responsibility does the water board have to make reasonable efforts to find the bill payer - as I seriously haven't seen bills before.

I don't mind paying it, just trying to be a good little moneysaver. :money:

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  • I don't know but I suspect that they have ways and means of recovering their costs (or there would be lots of people not paying) and charging extra for costs incurred to recover them. The point about back payments may have some mileage I don't know.

    PS I have heard of a system being proposed where flow of water would be restricted to cover drinking and loos but nothing else.
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    They can ask for charges as far back as they want - it's your responsibility to inform the utility companies of your tenancy and a meter reading, where appropriate, not their responsibility to hunt you down. If you don't have a meter and you live alone, chances are you would have been much better off paying from the start and asking for a meter to be installed. Not metered properties pay on the rateable value which will be high as you live in London.
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