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I am currently with primus for my home phone. they charge me 11.50 a month line rental, 59p a month for caller id and 59p a month for anonymous number call barring, though they do take 5quid off every 3rd or 4th month.

the past 3 or 4 months it seems my calls to mobiles and day time calls have jumped up in price that im now paying 30-40quid a month..so 20-30quid for daytime calls and calling mobiles. therefore i was looking to change to their call anytime thingy instead, however i just called them and got quoted 6quid a month for that,and also confirmed that that would not iclude 0870 or 0845 numbers unlike variuous other providers free anytime packages. i currently use 18185, but although daytime calls are free they do charge a 5p connection carge for every call (or i assue thats what its for) it may be that i am better of as i am and paying that, but i havent used it enough to be sure it is better value for me to use that rather than include all calls.

im sure i saw somewhere that primus talk anytime was an extra 2.99 on top of the 9.50line rental etc but i dont ahve that line rental rate anyway so and 17.50 seems expensive a month. ( i cant currently open any bills as this computer freezes if i try and open a pdf)

thus i am now looking for the cheapest call anytime package...
can anyone advise please? or tell me where to start becuse im going round in circles with martins article and trying to find things.

thanks in advance if yoou can help


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    AFAIK, Primus's anytime plan (Primus Saver Max) @ £5.99/month is more expensive than BT's £4.95 Unlimited Anytime Plan (which includes 0845 and 0870 calls too now) and, with Primus having offshored their call centre, I stopped recommending them a while ago anyway.

    You are probably aware that the cut-off for having an anytime package is 100 weekday daytime UK 01/02/03 calls (@ 5p each, regardless of duration, they'd cost £5 using 18185).
    Time has moved on (much quicker than it used to - or so it seems at my age) and my previous advice on residential telephony has been or is now gradually being overtaken by changes in the retail market. Hence, I have now deleted links to my previous 'pearls of wisdom'. I sincerely hope they helped save some of you money.
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    thank you heinz i hadnt figured that cut-off out, makes things much clearer and means i know what im looking for re daytime calls on my bill. much appreciated.
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