This Xmas wont be the same!!



  • boots are still trying to clear stock from last christmas,hope that helps in some way
  • Hi
    This is my first Christmas in years that I wont using the whole of November pay and the credit card. Thanks to this site i have actually saved for it since January and now have a healthy little pot. Have to say it feels very good.
    Good luck
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    I've had a studio catalogue through the door today with lots of reduced stuff. Postage is free if you spend £20 if you use the code. You might want to have a look around the sale toys.

    I wish I had a daughter to buy this for - a dolls house with figures for £34!

    My youngest will be excited about pyjamas with his name on.
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    A couple of points.

    You don't need to go mad especially with a child under two (I have friends who bought their 1 year old clothes, and practical presents as part of Christmas as they needed them anyway and the child didn't know as long as it got some toys). It's about the day as a whole not the presents. If you have an older child and relatives coming round invest in some good family games (DVD games, card games, quiz) or give them as part of presents as they are something everyone can enjoy.

    Wrap everything up. You can get huge rolls of cheap wrapping paper so you can wrap everything up, even the 50p stocking filler stuff. The fun is unwrapping the stuff so wrap everything even the cheap stuff and the presents in the stocking.

    Look at hawkins baazar as they have lots of stocking filler stuff, that starts at a reasonable price. It's the silly cheap presents that generally end up being the most fun.

    It's not worth getting into debt.
  • come on over to the special ocassions board as we have a few christmas threads on there with loads of motivation and ideas...we have a challenge thread where we are making christmas money neutral by doing surveys, selling on ebay, etc;

    Is there an ikea near you, as they have that take five books in and get a five voucher...that could buy someone a gift or just cover your wrapping paper costs!!!

    If you can find a car boot or jumble sale still on at this time of year they do sell a lot of brand new unwanted stuff nowadays.
  • For example last year I got a friend of ours a nice shot glass game set that had a eight pound price tag, had never been used or opened, and as it was the end of the day they were practically giving stuff away and gave me it for 50p...bargain.
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    The £2 ann sumemrs chocolates (there's a thread in 'grabbit') might be okay for your gift to your other half? free postage ends today.!letc~ev!10252||et!letc~ev!10254||_40151_-1_10252_62601_10001_?tduid=9aba12bdde0dbb9c9d9a34a842a521c7
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  • Or its the one day of the year we can all feel 'normal' as we watch our families open the gifts we've bought them, that we've worked hard and saved hard to do. It's the one day that you get to spend with the people you CHOOSE too, with no interruptions. You have a lovely dinner, you have a meal that you wouldn't have any any other time of the year - and you get to go to bed content that night as you know you made the people you love happy, for one day, and you won't be paying for it for the next year.

    Most people have multiple opportunities to spend time with family and friends throughout the course of the year. We should do more of that instead of putting so much emphasis on spending lots of money at Christmas. Even for those with family on the other side of the world - make more of an effort to call, e-mail etc. I think it would be more thoughtful to give people small gifts at random during the year.

    The British way of celebrating Christmas really irks me, as much of the spending is excessive and many who are struggling financially feel compelled to keep up with others. As a child I received a Christmas outfit and mostly that was it, apart from a generous meal. Occasionally, me and my siblings got a joint Christmas present, like a computer. We knew how blessed we were. We had a good life, and there was a lot of poverty around, so I suppose we were more grateful for what we had. The encroachment of materialism is so insidious. I think it can be difficult to see that you have fallen victim to it.
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    We were poor when I was young. My dad was an apprentice on a lower income that he'd have got on the dole at the time. I still remember the excitement of christmas. Little things like counting christmas trees as we went for a walk. I'd have liked more, or newer, gifts I must admit, but children nowadays get so much compared to back then. In the 70s lots of kids I knew would get a doll or teddy from the charity shop, or a bag of lego that had been passed on by someone else in the street.

    OP this site is great for boosting your income or reducing your outgoings but christmas can still 'go with a bang' quite cheaply. You have a family of 4 like me yet you mention possibly 1k for spending which is far more than I can afford, and I still think our christmases are great :)
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  • Also it's worth remembering that if you give your kids an amazing Christmas with lots of expensive presents, they kind of expect this every year and before you know it spending is way out of control. I agree that when your children are very young they don't know the monetary value so keep it cheap...while you can!! We also cut costs by not buying for everyone in our huge extended family - we do a secret santa instead which has become a bit of a tradition and is fantastic fun! Good Luck:rotfl:
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