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Freecycle guide discussion link

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  • Although there are good, locally run Freecycle groups there are also many that are poorly run with little regard to the rules, most likely by overstretched overseas moderators with little time to deal with problems and little local knowledge. If a Freecycle group is on Yahoo it is probably locally run, if it's not (especially if there is a local Freegle group) there's a good chance it's not locally run.

    Freegle groups are run locally and Freegle has many passionate volunteers working hard to improve Freegle and make it even better.
  • They have missed off a massive site that I moderate for in my area. RealCycle.

    I used to run Freecycle and I left because of their policies and joined RealCycle

    My group alone has over 6000 members. I have sent an email as I thought it was unfair that they singled out those two particular site. RealCycle is bigger than Freegle yet it wasn;t even mentioned :(
  • These sites are all an excellent idea, I use our local Freegle and have had some great things given to me and disposed of some of my own things very pleasingly. However I recently asked for a CLEAN single mattress (my daughter suddenly and unexpectedly moved back home just before Christmas). I was offered one and my husband collected it whilst i was at work. He'd propped it up in the bedroom and warned me that i might need to sponge it down before it was put on the bed base. When i walked in the room the stench was unbelievable it was drenched with the smell of cat pee!!! (And was badly stained). I was thoroughly shocked that anyone would think to offer an item in this i would say BEWARE!!! And i wonder what the etiquette would be here.....if Id gone to collect it and ralised how bad it was could i have said no thank you its not suitable? Don't know if that would have felt too impolite!!
  • I tried Freecycle and successfully gave away and took several items. However, I gave up as
    1/ there were too many on-line beggars looking for stuff
    2/ not one person, who received stuff from me, posted an acknowledgement or thankyou
    3/ I became suspicious of some of the callers, whom I thought were "professionals"

    There is enough trouble with false charities and dodgy eastern europeans - Freecycle encourages scammers.
  • capondoug wrote: »
    There is enough trouble with false charities and dodgy eastern europeans - Freecycle encourages scammers.

    Freecycle exists solely to save items from landfill.

    If you give away items via freecycle it should be ONLY with this aim in mind. If you are concerned about being charitable then use something like a charity shop instead.

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    Anything can be abused.... it's not exclusive to any 'Cycle' group.

    There was local front page news a few years ago of a beggar on the street who earned more from begging than he did from his regular job (which he kept up).

    So we cant just blame the onliners. There are regular cheaters too!

    But anyway, Freecycle is about keeping things out of landfill. We should be glad things are being used and not dumped.
    ** Freebies and money saved with the help of you all? - Don't know ....lost count! **

    Thank you costs nothing but means a lot. That's why I thank all posts I like!
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    I am not interested in the machinations on Freecycle/Freegle, altough I notice my local group has become Freegle. Having had to empty a couple of houses in the past few years I think it is great. I have stuff I don't want, someone else comes and collects it from my door. Wonderful! I don't mind if they carboot/sell it as I don't want it and it is not going into landfill. Just a couple of points, the numbers of timewasters/no shows seem to be increasing and a simple thank you by e-mail makes all the difference. Personally I allways choose to give to someone who has thanked me previuosly, (yes, the same people pop up tome and time again).
  • my local Freecycle became a Freegle- it's still run by the same moderator.
    I'm having an issue with spam though, I know Freecycle had guidelines about what's acceptable but since it changed to Freegle the admin seems to feel it's ok to to send details of whatever cause she is supporting this week :naughty:
    It's not such a big deal if it's related in some way but I don't appreciate being sent graphic pictures of mutilated and bleeding animals!:eek:

    yes she actually did this, and directly to my email, outside of a Freegle message and in a cc-ed rather than bcc-ed message thus sharing my email address with half my local area :mad: (needless to say my recieved spam rate has since gone through the roof)
    Then there's the ones asking me to attend local residents meetings to complain about things she feels strongly about.

    Does anyone know if there are any rules against this?
    Perhaps it's time for me to find a new group... :(
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    I have given and recieved on freecycle a couple of times but I have to say some of the wants are a bit rich.
    I offered an item a couple of days ago that was snapped up within an hour and while the 2 ladies I apologised to because it was taken emailed a thankyou the recipient of the item did not:(
    Says it all really
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    For Northamptonshire & surrounding counties, and London, Free2Collect is great. You just sign up. You don't have to join a group - I hate that! We've given and received, and met some really pleasant people in the process. Can't post the link as I am new but the site is
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